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Monday, September 4, 2023

Meet the All-New MINI Cooper: Electric and Exceptional

New EV - MINI, the renowned British car manufacturer, has at long last unveiled its latest electric vehicle, the All-New Electric MINI Cooper, after much speculation. The grand unveiling took place at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) Mobility Show in Munich, Germany.
MINI, the renowned British car manufacturer, has at long last unveiled its latest electric vehicle, the All-New Electric MINI Cooper, after much speculation. (Picture from: PaulTan)
The company has officially unveiled the upgraded all-electric variant of its iconic three-door hatchback, revealing impressive power and range improvements. The new entry-level MINI Cooper E boasts a robust 181 hp (135 kW / 184 PS), matching the outgoing SE's power output. 
The fifth-generation MINI Cooper stands proudly alongside its predecessors spanning the first through fourth generations. (Picture from: PaulTan)
Meanwhile, the revamped MINI Cooper SE surges ahead with 215 hp (160 kW / 218 PS), signifying a significant performance boost. While not explicitly mentioned in the press release, rumors suggest that a more potent fully electric JCW trim is on the horizon.
The 5th-generation MINI Cooper has made its debut with an all-new design that the company says sees a “maximum reduction to the essentials.” (Picture from: PaulTan)
MINI engineers have also enhanced the electric range significantly. The Cooper E is equipped with a 40.7 kWh lithium-ion high-voltage battery, while the Cooper SE houses a larger 54.2 kWh battery. This enhancement translates to an estimated range of 300-400 km (186-249 miles), making it a practical choice for daily driving.
Inside, the redesigned Cooper looks to the classic MINI designed by Alec Issigonis for inspiration, with the standout item being a round 9.4-inch OLED touchscreen on the dashboard that also doubles as the instrument cluster. (Picture from: PaulTan)
It's worth noting that alongside the all-electric variant, this model will also be available with internal combustion engines (ICE). In terms of driving experience, the fifth-generation MINI Cooper is set to carry forward its predecessor's renowned "go-kart feeling," prioritizing stability, agility, and precise weight distribution, leveraging BMW Group's expertise in development.
The interior is dressed in a variety of upholsteries and panel surfaces, including textile options for the first time, depending on the chosen trim. (Picture from: PaulTan)
The latest press release is accompanied by an extensive gallery of disguised prototypes, offering a glimpse of the new generation's exterior and interior design. The three-door hatchback maintains its distinctive identity with oval headlamps, compact overhangs, and sleek black pillars.
The iconic three-door hatchback All-electric MINI Cooper electric variants (MINI Cooper E and MINI Cooper SE) revealing impressive power and range improvements. (Picture from: PaulTan)
Remarkably, the Cooper SE has already witnessed a remarkable 25.5% surge in sales volumes by 2022, surpassing 43,000 units and becoming the brand's best-selling model, despite the impending generational transition. This achievement sets high expectations for the upcoming iteration, which is poised to outperform its predecessor in every aspect.
As reported by Carscoops, production of the new MINI Cooper E and SE, along with the next-generation MINI Countryman, is scheduled to commence at the BMW Group factory in Leipzig in November 2023. Additionally, the automaker is diligently developing another electric offering, the MINI Aceman crossover, which is anticipated to make its debut in 2024, as well as pricing details have yet to be disclosed. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MINI | AUTOCAR | PAULTAN.ORG | CARSCOOPS | INSIDEEVS ]
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