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Friday, July 7, 2023

Dreams on Wheels: The Rise and Fall of Mosler Automotive

Rise&Fall - Numerous affluent individuals have embarked on the ambitious journey of establishing their own luxury car brands. While a select few have achieved success, the majority of these endeavors have remained obscure, known only within niche circles. This pursuit typically begins with the grand unveiling of extraordinary technical specifications accompanied by lofty statements.
The Mosler Consulier GTP is produced during 1985 to 1993 as many as 100 units ever. (Picture from: Sklyushnichenko.Livejournal)
One such visionary was Warren Mosler, the CEO of Mosler Automotive during the 1980s and 1990s. With a fortune amassed from the stock market, notable economic publications under his name, and even a bid for the 2012 United States presidential race (albeit unsuccessful), Mosler's company introduced its inaugural car, the Mosler Consulier GTP, in 1985, offering two body styles: Coupe and Targa.
Distinguishingly, this mid-engined supercar was among the pioneers in mass-producing composite materials in the automotive industry, featuring a carbon fiber monocoque and Kevlar exterior body panels. Under the hood, the Mosler GTP housed a modest 2.2-liter, four-cylinder Chrysler turbo engine capable of delivering an impressive 204 horsepower, propelling the sports car from 0 to 100 kph in just 5 seconds, with a maximum speed of 220 kph.

Buyers had the opportunity to personalize their vehicles with features such as a luxurious leather interior with electrically adjustable seats, power windows, air conditioning, and a premium audio system, elevating the price tag to over $50,000
The Mosler Intruder is produced during 1993 to 1997, and is powered by a Chevy fuel-injected 383, coupled with a 5-speed Porsche G50/52 transaxle. (Picture from: Pikabu.ru)
Despite its unconventional design both inside and out, the GTP gained significant recognition as a race car, ultimately leading to its ban from 1991 IMSA Bridgestone Potenza Supercar Championship, after a dramatic win at the Lime Rock Park and Laguna Seca race tracks, where Consuliers went 1-2 beating Porsche 911s, Corvettes, and Firebirds.
As many are aware, Mosler developed the Consulier GTP as a race car and even offered a $25,000 reward to anyone who could surpass its lap time in a production road car. As quoted from Avants, only Car & Driver, an esteemed American automotive magazine responded to Mosler's audacious challenge and conducted a comparative test between the Mosler Consulier GTP and the Chevrolet C4 Corvette in Michigan. The V8-powered Corvette outperformed Mosler's creation by 1.5 seconds.
The Mosler Raptor built during 1997 to 2002, and has stiff and strange designs, especially on the windshield design in the form of two halves installed at an acute angle. (Picture from: FForza.net)
Due to its unconventional appearance, the Mosler Consulier GTP failed to attract a wide consumer base. Nonetheless, with 100 units produced, it can be considered a relative success. In 1993, the Consulier GTP underwent a transformation, resulting in the more aesthetically pleasing Mosler Intruder.
However, the horror resurfaced when the Intruder was eventually succeeded by the 1997 Mosler Raptor, featuring a V-shaped split windshield that resembled a prop from a low-budget horror movie rather than a car. The true embodiment of a proper supercar from the Mosler's car company only materialized in 2002 with the introduction of the Mosler MT900.
The Mosler MT900 built during 2002 to 2012, weighing in at just under 2,500 pounds thanks to a composite chassis and carbon fiber body panels. (Picture from: Supercars.net)
Despite the ups and downs, Warren Mosler remained dedicated to developing high-speed cars, participating in championship races, including the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Japanese Super GT series. However, the brand's history came to a close in 2012, with a total production of approximately 200 different Mosler cars.
The lasting impact of Mosler Automotive pays homage to the audacious dreams of visionary entrepreneurs and the formidable challenges inherent in establishing a thriving luxury car brand. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SILODROME | AVANTS | SKLYUSHNICHENKO.LIVEJOURNALL | PIKABU.RU | FORUM.FORZA.NET | SUPERCARS.NET ]
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  1. Several factual errors. At the Car and Driver event at Limerick the Consulier was faster than the ZR1 by approx 1.5 seconds per lap, for example.

    1. Sorry if there is an error, and thanks for the information.
      However as we quote from Avant: https://bit.ly/3pwvG65 in which writes; (It didn’t help that Mosler offered $25,000 for any street-legal car that could beat the GTP on the track, Car and Driver stepped up with a 1990 C4 Corvette and won. Mosler refused to pay up. He claimed it wasn’t a fair fight because the magazine borrowed a tired 1988-vintage driving school car with worn brake pads and less than ideal tires when Mosler planned to provide a car for comparison. The showdown was held at the Chrysler proving grounds in Michigan and the ‘Vette lapped a 1:21.01 and the Consulier clocked a 1:22.56. Mosler and the Consulier were slammed in the ensuing Car and Driver article and the media never embraced the Consulier after that. In a 2010 interview with Car and Driver Mosler is quoted, "you asked me earlier what my biggest regret is. Probably letting Car and Driver test our cars.")

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