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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Thor 24, the most insane Peterbilt custom truck ever made

SUPER INSANE - If you have a question, the biggest and most powerful truck ever built by mankind, then the answer is Thor 24. Well, it is a unique big vehicle that is often referred to as 'the most powerful big rig ever built' because of its horsepower rating (3,974 horsepower) achieved through a 24-cylinder engine supported by 12 superchargers. When it was built, we've made an article about it.
Here's a 4,000 horsepower Peterbilt truck named Thor 24, the 'most powerful big rig ever.' (Picture from: PikiranRakyat)
Can you imagine the 'God of Thunder' in the form of a super truck? This super big 44-foot rig was built by Mike Harrah, along with his colleagues Tim Spink, and Paul Abram. As quoted from OddityCentral, the funds spent to built this super truck are more than $7 millions and take about seven years with a donor of 1984 Peterbuilt 359 Semi-Truck. And this super truck is powered by two 852 cubic inch V12 diesel engines coupled with 12 superchargers.
Mike Harrah posed along with his created super big 44-foot rig, Thor 24. (Picture from: BusinessInsider)
Thanks to those two diesel engines attached, so it capable of pushing the 32,000 lbs (16 tons) truck up to a top speed of 160 kph. If coupled with a nitro boost, the Thor 24's speed jumps up to 209 kph. There are as many as eight nitrous oxide bottles installed between the middle banks of the superchargers. So to tame the run, it also takes four drag parachutes that come out of the rear bumper.
As you can see at almost half of the body of Thor 24 covered in shiny chrome and aluminum accents. (Picture from: Otomotif.OkeZone)
Once you look at the Thor 24 and anyone can tell it's no ordinary big truck. Just take a look at almost half of the body covered in shiny chrome and aluminum accents which are very eye-catching, coupled with the booming sound of the two V12 diesel engines making this 'God of Thunder' really attract attention.
The Thor 24 is powered by massive 24-cylinder engine of 3,974 horsepower and supported by 12 superchargers. (Picture from: BusinessInsider)
While inside of this Thor 24 metal monster is no less interesting. There you can see there's a four-spoke steering wheel and , with the gear shifter shaped like a badass sword, coupled with the dashboard features no less than 24 gauges, including a speedometer, tachometer, multiple pressure gauges, and a compressor operating indicator, and not only that the entire cabin is illuminated with LEDs.
The Thor 24 's cabin has a four-spoke steering wheel and , with the gear shifter shaped like a badass sword, coupled with the dashboard features no less than 24 gauges. (Picture from: Otomotif.OkeZone)
This super truck is also equipped with a variety of interesting features, one of which is a 40-inch TV and another 1,500 watts electrical system. Therefore, the manufacturer added the Hawker Jet Helicopter engine which functions as an additional generator.
Rear view of the most insane Peterbilt custom truck ever made, Thor 24 with its creator Mike Harrah. (Picture from: FleetOwner)
Because the front of the truck is so long, four front bumper-mounted cameras provide live footage onto four 4x6-inch viewing screens mounted above the windshield so the driver can see clearly ahead. Thanks to its size and performance, in 2019 the Thor 24 set a new world record for the highest-priced custom vehicle ever sold.
Well, at that time this super truck was auctioned by Worldwide Auctioneer for an initial price of $12 millions, then as the auction took place the price continued to increase until it was hammered at $13.2 millions and the auction house got 10 percent of the buyer's premium. After that Thor 24 officially became the property of a billionaire from Saudi Arabia. WOW..! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ODDITYCENTRAL | BUSINESSINSIDER | FLEETOWNER | PIKIRANRAKYAT ]
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