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Friday, June 23, 2023

Escalade IQ would be one of Cadillac's fancy electric SUV lines

Green ONES - Even if there are a number of world-renowned automotive manufacturers who coincidentally launch their newest electric vehicle concept this year, it can be ascertained that this is not because they are talkative or just following the current trend of electric-powered vehicles.
The renderings of Escalade IQ EV by Kolesa, it seen blend styling elements from the existing Escalade and the Lyriq electric SUV. (Picture from: InsideEV)
At least we can see that from the Cadillac brand, which will soon introduce the All-Electric Cadillac Escalade IQ as one of its flagship products at the end of this year, and in fact the Cadillac Escalade lineup has been prepared by General Motors (GM) to switch to electrification. According to this American manufacturer, the Cadillac Escalade IQ will continue to maintain the brand's commitment in terms of design, technology and performance.
It retains the current model's chiseled shape but adds an illuminated grille and full-width taillights that wrap around the sides. (Picture from: InsideEV)
Related to the IQ naming strategy is devoted to the electric-powered Cadillac model, as well as celebrating Cadillac's introduction of a new type of EV to premium consumers that is currently in line with daily activities and is environmentally friendly. The IQ series has debuted on the Lyriq model in 2021 and starts production in March 2022.
Cadillac has released a short teaser video of its upcoming Escalade IQ EV, in advance of a planned reveal on August 9. (Picture from: InsideEV)
It has been playing in the class of large luxury SUVs for a long time, namely since 1998, the name Cadillac Escalade is recognized as the best and foremost in providing comfort and safety. But so far Cadillac has not provided detailed specifications or design details regarding the large electric SUV, just said it would announce it on August 9.
From the spy shots, it can be seen that the exterior has a gentle slope towards the roof that extends all the way to the rear, that's different than the square-shaped combustion-powered Escalade. (Picture from: BlackXperience)
Reportedly that the Escalade IQ will be equipped with EV technology, which has been around since 2019, which was estimated that the SUV could go up to 643 km on a single full charged battery. With such a range, word has spread that the electric-powered Escalade will have a battery with a capacity of 200 kWh. It seems this large capacity battery is perfectly matched to the size of the three-row and seven-seat SUV of the Escalade IQ.
From the spy shots, it's suspected there are softer body lines hiding under the hood that should help the SUV glide through the air with reduced drag. (Picture from: BlackXperience)
The Cadillac Escalade IQ is intended to continue the brand's moves to complete the electric vehicle lineup. After about 24 years of presenting a series of V8 engine-powered vehicles with a capacity of over 5,700 cc, the last one, aka the Escalade 5th generation, uses a capacity of 6,200 cc. How's about the hybrid? Regarding the hybrid, it has been introduced to consumers at the Cadillac Escalade lines since 2008 by relying on a nickel-metal hydride type battery is placed under the rear seat.
As quoted from Inside EV, the Cadillac Escalade IQ is claimed to offer adequate performance, technology and capabilities like Cadillac cars with internal combustion engines. The Escalade IQ will likely use a platform made by General Motors, Ultium. Just like Lyriq and Celestiq. Let's just wait for the debut date to be sure. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CADILLAC | INSIDEEV | ELECTREK.CO ]
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