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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Maggiore GranTurismO combines state-of-the-art technology with skilled craftsmanship

RESTOMOD As an automotive enthusiast who still harbors an exorbitant passion for sports cars and supercars from the past. Besides the problem of financial limitations which has always been the main inhibiting factor to have a dream classic car. If we have financial ability too, it doesn't mean the problem is over.
The Maggiore GranTurismO combines state-of-the-art technology with skilled craftsmanship. (Picture from: MotoMobiNews)
It turns out that there is another factor that is also very disturbing, namely the ages factor. The reason, those old sports cars and supercars are often difficult to adapt to today's modern era due to their advanced ages. That's why workshops and automotive companies have sprung up to offer the restomod process for the solution of the such problems. 
The first restomod car result of Automobili Maggiore launched in 2020, named Project M built based on the Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole. (Picture from: JamesEdition)
And one of them is Automobili Maggiore, an Italian automotive company based in Forte dei Marmi, and was founded by Gianluca Maggiore and began operating in 2019. This company is capable of transforming an old car into a unique styled vehicle. This restomod process still maintains the iconic car figure, but has a line of modern technology in the mechanical components and details. Its first work was Project M built based on the Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole.
The Maggiore GranTurismO has modernized style, thanks to the introduction of LED headlights and taillights, moreover, many new elements of the bodywork have been made of carbon fiber so as to contain the weight. (Picture from: MotoMobiNews)
Recently, Gianluca Maggiore's auto company launched another almost similar creative idea, which is still based on Ferrari, but with an attractive design and infused with more challenging performance, so as to tempt potential consumers who love the 1980s supercars but crave a driving feels of modern car. 
The Maggiore GranTurismO built based on the Ferrari 308, as a tribute to the Ferrari 288 GTO and its designer Nicola Materazzi. (Picture from: TopGear)
This unique four-wheeled creation is called Maggiore GranTurismO, and if you look at a glance and you would be think that the car looks similar to the Ferrari 288 GTO, due to indeed the car built by Automobili Maggiore based on that prancing horse car model by combining all things related to advanced technology with the ability of skilled hands in building a car.
Automobili Maggiore is promising, however, a modern (read: digital) cabin "with vintage references" as well as limitless customisation options for the GranTurismO. (Picture from: RobbReport)
Furthermore, it is also said that the Maggiore GranTurismO was born based on two things, namely the application of a turbocharged engine to a Ferrari sports car and to pay tribute for Nicola Materazzi, an Italian engineer who successfully produced turbocharged engines to drive several supercars ranging from the Ferrari 288 GTO, Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione, Ferrari F40, Bugatti EB110, and B Engineering Edonis.
The Maggiore GranTurismO is is powered by a Ferrari 308's V8 engine, in which only the block uses the original Ferrari unit, the cylinder head was replaced with a new one included its contents. (Picture from: RobbReport)
In developing the GranTurismO, Automobili Maggiore did collaborate with Nicola Materazzi, even though the senior engineer's physical health condition was not optimal. They took the project seriously for six months, unfortunately the maestro passed away before the official launch of Maggiore GranTurismO.šŸ˜¢
The Maggiore GranTurismO built by combining by combining all things related to advanced technology with the ability of skilled hands in building a car. (Picture from: TopGear)
"Nicola Materazzi became one of the important figures for Automobili Maggiore and the continuity of the GranTurismO project. We are very saddened by his passing. However, the figure of GranTurismO is a tribute to a highly talented Italian engineer and designer, and was very important for the development of many supercars in the 80s and 90s," said Gianluca Maggiore.
The Maggiore GranTurismO which takes up that of the Ferrari 288 GTO, especially in the rear. (Picture from: MotoMobiNews)
The Maggiore GranTurismO is powered by a Ferrari 308's V8 engine. However, only the block uses the original Ferrari unit, because the cylinder head was immediately replaced with a new one and its contents. Not to forget the individual throttle body, intercooler intake manifold, plenum chamber made of carbon fiber material, coupled with a sequential turbocharger. The result is a burst of power of 529 hp which is then channeled to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission system.
While, the original chassis of the Ferrari 308 was restored, strengthened and supported by involving a number of aluminum alloy suspension components, including the Brembo braking system. Currently the GranTurismO is the culmination of Automobili Maggiore's creations, but it does not rule out that Gianluca Maggiore will present another spectacular project in the future. So we'll wait and see. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTOMOBILI MAGGIORE | CARSCOOPS | TOPGEAR | ROBBREPORT | PISTONHEADS ]
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