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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Project-M built paid tribute to the 308 GTS QuattroValvole with an attractive restomod touche

RESTOMOD For those of you who have watched actor Tom Selleck in action on the television series Magnum P.I. aired in the 1980s to 1990s, of course, you would knew the handsome mustache detective Thomas Magnum's ride, the red-colored Ferrari 308 GTS QuattroValvole.
The Maggiore Project M was known of the most exotic restomods ever built based on the Ferrari 308 GTS QuattroValvole by Automobili Maggiore. (Picture from: JamesEdition)
Todays, many of you might wanted that classic dream car. Calm down and don't worry, because there's an Italian automotive company called Automobili Maggiore has launched such this classic dream car in an attractive restomod touche through its Project M (M for Magnum).
Through this Project M, Automobili Maggiore has taken Ferrari 308's unique design, technology, and cultural heritage to a new level. (Picture from: JamesEdition)
The restomod car made by an Italian company founded by Gianluca Maggiore is quite special because this is the company's first restomod project since it started operating in 2019. This unique car is built on the chassis of the Ferrari 308 GTS QuattroValvole, the most popular model from Maranello's auto breeder in the 1980s, the ancestor of the mid-engine Ferrari V8 berlinettas, and increased its famous levels by taking roled on the television series titled the Magnum P.I.
The coachbuilder envisaged a truly multisensory driving experience boosted by the completely analogical driving system. (Picture from: JamesEdition)
In the process, the Italian company Automobili Maggiore collaborated with several parties such as the Dutch designer Stefan Scholten who was responsible for reinterpreting the style of the Ferrari 308, and the Turin-based company Italtecnica which focused on its engine treatment and chassis development.
It may look similar to the 308 on which it is based, but the 308M's body panels are completely new and made from carbon fiber. (Picture from: CarBuzz)
Eventually all together they managed to bring back the classic dream car featured with a more contemporary look, lightn,ess with liable performance. As You can see, this unique restomod 308 sports car appeared under the carbon fiber bodywork, ultra-performative engine, racing suspension, enhanced braking system, leather, aluminium, carbon and marble for the interior, every tiny detail has a story to tell.
At the core of Project M lies the desire of giving new life to cars that in time might have been closed in the garages of collectors. (Picture from: JamesEdition)
Besides that the new creation of the 308 got also manual transmission, high speed engine, gives a full sensation of the combination scents of leather and petrol; it´s a multisensorial experience where none of the senses should be left behind, has never been so cool! So far the automaker provided two color options to the Maggiore Project M ie. the Bold with red colored body and light blue accented line, then the Classic with the body painted in silver plus red accented line.
The Maggiore Project M restomod car’s design is masterfully rethought by Studio Stefan Scholten, Amsterdam. (Picture from: JamesEdition)
Instead more at least, here's the Maggiore Project M as the most attractive restomod result car with updated engines, trims and bodywork that has made its debut on the first edition of the 2021 Portovenere GT along with about fifty other supercars, including the Lamborghini SVJ, Aventador, Ferrari SF90, 458 Special Livery, Mercedes SLS Roadster, GTR Pro and Porsche Carrera GT3 RS.
Actually, the automaker has never announced yet the production volume including the prices, but Gianluca Maggiore had provided information during the Salon Top Marques Monaco 2022 event that this special restomod result car was made in limited numbers, namely approximately 40 units. As for the first deliveries, it will be necessary to wait a short delay of 10 months. According to CarBuzz, Maggiore told them that the first example carries a price tag of Є500,000 (around $581,000).💪 *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTOMOBILI MAGGIORE | JAMESEDITION | STATEOFSPEED | HOTCARS | AGENDA-AUTOMOBILE | LEBLOGAUTO | GAZETTA.IT | ALVOLANTE.IT | ROBBREPORT | MOTORAUTHORITY | CARBUZZ | COLLECTORCARWOLRD ]
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