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Monday, February 20, 2023

The forgotten sted Ferrari 412 Ventoroso

Forgotten ONES Ferrari as one of the world's leading automotive manufacturers is known to have produced many exotic cars, but not all of them are officially produced by this manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. Because many of the cars are also done by third parties, especially coachbuilders who build Ferrari cars based on orders.
The 1989 Ferrari 412 Ventorosso is a one-off topless creation from Carrozzeria Pavesi, which isn't the most well-known Italian coachbuilder in history. (Picture from: Carrozzieri-Italiani)
Now, on this occasion we will discuss one of the unique prancing sted models from the late 1980s called the Ferrari 412 Ventoroso which was done by an Italian coachbuilder based on the Ferrari 412, and the results are rarely known and even very rarely seen by the public. Could be said that the Ventorosso is a very special car designed and built into a unique convertible styled specimen by a Milan-based talented builder, Carrozzeria Pavesi, based on the mechanics of the Ferrari 412 back in 1989.
The 1989 Ferrari 412 Ventorosso carried a new body look more modern than its donor which known before its roots was the old-school 400 steds of the 1970s Pininfarina project result. (Picture from: Carrozzieri-Italiani)
As quoted from Carrozzieri-Italiani, the work process begins with completely disassembling the car, then installing a new body on top whose design looks more modern than the donor which known before its roots was the old-school 400 steds of the 1970s Pininfarina project result. A moment later, the Ventorosso was born, which was able to make the Ferrari to be pleased because the original mechanics were fully maintained without any changes at all.
The Carrozzeria Pavesi is a less-known Milano-based coachbuilding company whose initially known has specialized in making a hearse then shifted its business into an armored vehicle builder. (Picture from: Autoblog)
As we can see, every body panel at the front was reworked, where as the bonnet acquired a different grille pattern, the pop-up headlamps were removed, while the normal headlamps were enlarged and reshaped into a more pleasing design. In addition the bumper gets a massive grille, while the lower apron is redesigned and looks similar to the Testarossa.
There is no information about what changed in the cabin, it seems Pavesi left the cabin untouched. (Picture from: Carrozzieri-Italiani)
There is no information as to what changed inside the cabin, but based on the photos, Pavesi left the cabin untouched. That's good, as in the 1980s, Ferraris were more about driving than riding in a fancy cabin and the 412 is the perfect example to illustrate that. Sure, most surfaces were wrapped in leather and the fit and finish was good, but the 412 lacked features such as two-tone dashboards, contrast stitching, and race-inspired seats.
Besides it has a massive grille in the front, while the lower apron of the 1989 Ferrari 412 Ventorosso is redesigned and making it looks like the Testarossa. (Picture from: Carrozzieri-Italiani)
Well what about the price? As quoted from TopSpeed, this unique convertible built by Pavesi Ventorosso is being sold by Maranello Service of Calvatone, Italy for €120,000, which converts to around $136,600 as of April 2016. Quite a lot for a 412, but pretty affordable for a vehicle that's unique. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | PAVESI | CARROZZIERI-ITALIANI | TOPSPEED | AUTOBLOG ]
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