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Monday, January 2, 2023

Suzuki wants to revive the Cappuccino?

Dream Only At one point in the journey of an automotive manufacturer, of course, they managed to make a quite successful model, so that in the future made them want to re-launch it. This is possibly being explored by Suzuki Motor Corporation, one of the Japanese automotive manufacturers, to revive their legendary affordable sports car, the Suzuki Cappuccino.
The unofficial Suzuki Cappuccino concept car designed by Hugo Silva has successfully stolen the attention of fans and gone viral in internet. (Picture from: OtomotifSindoNews)
As quoted of Carsales, Suzuki Cappuccino is known to have been produced by Suzuki from 1991 to 1998, which was sold for around £11,995 (approx of Rp. 202 million). It is understandable why the presence of the Suzuki Cappuccino is kind of good news for many sports cars enthutiasts in Japan. Because besides having a relatively affordable selling price, the Suzuki Cappuccino has its own uniqueness compared to other sports cars.
The Suzuki Cappuccino classic sports car is known to have been produced by Suzuki from 1991 to 1998. (Picture from: OtomotifSindoNews)
As you can see, the Suzuki Cappuccino has a design that is no less attractive than its competitors. Well, this Suzuki-made car looks very compact with a length of 3,295 mm and a weight about 725 kilograms. In addition, the small Japanese sports car is powered by a 657 cc three-cylinder turbo engine.

Although the Suzuki Cappuccino is able to make many people fall in love with it, because of its affordable selling price, attractive design and good performance. Unfortunately, the car production should be discontinued by the automaker in 1998 due to emission regulations.
The Suzuki's Hayabusa-powered Vision Gran Turismo could be a step in the right direction. (Picture from: PhilKotse)
But who would have thought, it turns out that Suzuki never forgot to its Cappuccino sportscar. Like recently, while there're circulated rendered images of the Suzuki Cappuccino concept made by a digital artist named Hugo Silva and went to viral in the virtual world. The designer created a very interesting new Suzuki Cappuccino concept design that seems to have taken the Suzuki Swift design and then nicely combined with various sportscar elements.

This immediately invites comments from Michael Pachota, Suzuki Australia General Manager, whose point is not to deny the cool design made by Hugo Silva. He said the Silva's design met the criteria for a cool sports car that exists today. "That was a pretty cool car. Turbo engine, coupe and convertible," he said.
The Suzuki Misano Concept is designed by by 24 master program students at the Istituto Europe di Design (IED) in Turin and claimed to combine the "two souls" of Suzuki in producing motorized vehicles (cars and motorbikes). (Picture from: Carsales)
Furthermore, at that time he also said that Suzuki had never said no to presenting a new sports car. Moreover, they are also quite diligent in making concept sports cars that are often presented in the Gran Turismo racing game, such the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo for example, and we will discuss about it soon after this.

"I'm not privy to everything in the research and development side in terms of what’s coming next… (but) never say never," he explained. This is enough to indicate that what he conveyed was a personal opinion only, which did not represent Suzuki officially.
Suzuki itself as an automotive manufacturer is already accustomed to making high-speed vehicles. Noted, they once collaborated with the Istituto Europe di Design (IED) to design the Suzuki Misano Concept, but the Japanese automotive company also known to be successful in the development of the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa motorbike which can reach speeds of 300 kilometers per hour. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARSALES | HUGO SILVA | PHILKOTSE | WIKIPEDIA ]
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