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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The charm of Royal Enfield café racer from Krom Works

CaféRacer The passion to get a special custom motorcycle will not subside even if it has to travel thousands of kilometers away. Well, to get the best will certainly give its own satisfaction. And a custom motorcycle work is usually born from imagination plus inspiration from various studies of the builder.
The café racer custom motorcycle based of the Royal Einfield Bullet 500 by Krom Works. (Picture from: Otomotif.net)
One important thing in the motorcycle figure has its own identity from its creator as part of its strength. This is one of the characteristics of Krom Works, a southern Jakarta-based custom-motorcycle workshop that has its own charm by playing the chrome accents.
The headlight of the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 café racer customized by Krom Works is integrated with the body and given a unique additional grille. (Picture from: Otomotif.net)
As we can see in one of the latest modification results of the workshop, in which its special style chromated touche penetrated to entire bodyparts of simple dazzling café racer styled motorcycle that combines classic and futuristic nuances by taking the base of the Royal Enfield Bullet 500.
The handlebars of the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 café racer customized by Krom Works mounted inside the body, which makes it a bit complicated and uncomfortable to ride. (Picture from: Otomotif.net)
According to the Builder from Krom Works, Andika Pratama, the motorcycle custom concept is different from the café racer styles in general. As you can see, this motorbike has a stature and appearance that is very unique and different from most custom motorbikes. Therefore, the builder say that the motorbike is not recommended for daily use.
The stop lamp of the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 café racer customized by Krom Works is hidden in its stern and is given an additional grille like the headlights. (Picture from: Otomotif.net)
One of them is from the application of tires with a 21-inch rims on the front and back. Just for info, the motorbike custom project is commissioned by Keith Edney, a customer in UK who want to have the Krom Works custom motorcycle based of the Royal Enfield Bullet 500. Therefore, in this project, the builder only uses the RE Bullet 500 engine which he coincidentally owns as a molding place only, where the entire chassis and custom body will be built around the engine.
Its stainless exhaust made in short-size to match the overall concept and add to the engine roaring of the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 custom motorcycle. (Picture from: Otomotif.net)
Then in the building process, Krom Works builder admitted that it took about 5 months. Almost all the motorbike's body made by hand and only relies on the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 engine. Unless several parts taken from other notorcycles, such as the legs, the Royal Enfield Café Racer uses a rear suspension taken from the Kawasaki Ninja. While the front suspension uses a Girder model with the mechanism inside the motorcycle's body.
Uniquely, the rear monoshock suspension is made as if it is one with this custom Royal Enfield Bullet 500 chassis. (Picture from: Otomotif.net)
The Royal Enfield custom body is made of stainless steel plate material with a thickness of 1.5 mm with a unibody model consisting of several welded series and polished metal finishing until it is shining. Inside the body there is a tank that can hold about 4 liters of gasoline, and to make it look cleaner, the electrical system and battery are stored in the body as well.
The rear drum of the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 café racer customized by Krom Works is made of an aluminum billet which is decorated with brass-touch and air scoops and is mounted into one with the gears. (Picture from: Otomotif.net)
Meanwhile, the Krom Works custom motorcycle's chassis is more likely boxy-shaped, and is made of 8 mm iron plate. The builder admitted, previously more often using iron tubings to make chassis. So no wonder, in the making of the such boxy-shaped chassis is indeed a bit complicated because there must be something welded and forged by hand. After finished, the chassis was then given a green color because it was considered to have classic elements as the bike's owner desires.
This unique motorcycle custom concept has a fairly difficult manufacturing process, that's no wonder the making of this motorbike costs quite a bit of money. According to the builder, the cost spent to build the Royal Enfield café racer style custom motorcycle is in the range of Rp.90 millions to Rp.140 millions (approx $6,300 to $9,800). 

If You want to build such motorcycle, pls contact the builder at +62 838-9999-0459 or You can also seen one of the custom motorcycle results of the Krom Works in here.

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