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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Lamborghini Monterossa, get one while You can

Crazy Speedster When it comes to supercars, it's hard to say that Lamborghini is a boring brand. In fact, they've actually built an image as a wild and flashy dream car manufacturer, perfect for those who like to be the center of attention and find supercars from other brands boring.
The Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster built by DRVN Concept based on Lamborghini Gallardo became into a crazy open-top supercar. (Picture from: Otomobile)
Recently an American design house DRVN Concept has changed the appearance of the Lamborghini Gallardo into a custom supercar without a roof which was later named the Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster. In this car, DRVN Concept is known to remove some parts of the body of the Lamborghini Gallardo to give it a distinctive and aggressive look.
The Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster's front gets a sharp carbon fiber air splitter, slim LED headlights are positioned near of the front air intake. (Picture from: GoOto)
Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster is also claimed to be inspired by motorcycle design. Therefore, this raging bull badge luxury car is quite suitable for drivers who have a high enough adrenaline. Later, the modified supercar will be available in 15 units and will direct anyone in the cabin to a driving experience that is sure to be interesting and thrilling.
The Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster is equipped with sporty wheels, a curved hood, and 2 sports seats. (Picture from: AutoMotor)
The front of the Monterossa Speedster is known to get a sharp carbon fiber air splitter with its side aero design. The LED headlights also look slim and are positioned on the side of the air intake. The Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster is equipped with sporty wheels, a curved hood, sports seats, and the interior has been adapted to the use of Alcantara. Not only that, the side air splitter is designed with short fins and a bare engine bay.
The Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster's rear gets an exposed dual exhausts, a large diffuser, and side LED taillights. (Picture from: AutoMotor)
The rear is reportedly getting a large diffuser, dual exhausts, and side LED taillights. But so far not known in detail about the specifications of the Lamborghini Monterossa engine. By eliminating some of the body panels, this modification of the Lamborghini Gallardo also managed to reduce the weight of the car. The DRVN Concept ensures that the Lamborghini Monterossa Speedster has a power-to-weight ratio of 4.6 lbs per horsepower.💥
"This combination creates a striking contrast between the smooth, sexy, surface at the front of the vehicle and the fierce V10 drivetrain, left exposed features such suspension, exhaust and other components at the rear," DRVN Concepts said in a statement. And later when You driving one of these cars, make sure you bring 2 helmets to keep your face safe from road debris due to this wild supercar doesn't have a windshield.⚽ *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DRVN CONCEPT | MOTOR1 | HIDUSTANTIMES | AUTOMOTOR ]
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