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Monday, December 20, 2021

What if Ferrari breed the Murray Sharp's Stallone Concept into reality

Son of Guns Discussing something that is presented by a premium car manufacturer like Ferrrari will never end, there are always interesting topics to talk about. As we all know that until the end of 2021, this Maranello-based manufacturer has just launched several exclusive models such as the third Icona series called the Ferrari Daytona SP3 and the one-off model built based on the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso called the Ferrari BR20.
A digital rendered image of the Ferrari Stallone Concept was designed by Murray Sharp. (Picture from: KabarOto)
While surfing on cyberspace, we were momentarily amazed by a beautiful concept design for Ferrari worked by an industrial designer and  graphic artist named Murray Sharp back in early 2020. Although only presented in the digital rendered images, it also mentioned by the designer as his efforts to predict the upcoming Ferrari.
The Ferrari Stallone was designed by taking the spiritual value of the finesse and sculptural beauty of the Ferrari 250 GTO with the bold uncompromising Ferrari F40 racing line. (Picture from: Carscoops)
As an opening, we'll start with Enzo Ferrari's quote, “A car maker need be neither an engineer nor a technician. He must be someone who loves his passion for cars.........” Indeed, the appearance of Ferrari is known to maintain its futuristic shape. Even looking at the design of this hypercar, it seems like you remember the electric vehicle-style design that will reportedly come out of the Maranello-based automaker in 2025.
A design sketches of the Ferrari Stallone drawn by Murray Sharp back in the 2020. (Picture from: Carscoops)
As quoted of Carscoops, the concept car was designed by taking the spiritual value of some of the Prancing Horse models, and was envisioned as the Ferrari LaFerrari successor and dubbed to be the Ferrari Stallone (a stallion in Italian). Further mentioned in designing of the hypercar, Murray Sharp seemed to combine the finesse and sculptural beauty of the Ferrari 250 GTO with the uncompromising Ferrari F40 racing line and by going through a series of iterations before you could be seen the final design such above.
The Ferrari Stallone will be positioned at the pinnacle of the Ferrari brand and the successor to the great Ferrari LaFerrari. (Picture from: Carscoops)
Murray said, “This hypercar will be positioned at the pinnacle of the Ferrari brand, the successor to the great LaFerrari. This hypercar rendering process maintains Ferrari's core values, such as passion and speed. Murray even given a color touch of the Rosso Corsa, which is known very iconic painted down the LaFerrari sexy body.

In addition, Murray also thought about the airflow and small trinkets found in Stallone. Starting from the side vents, even the taillights with unique horizontal elements, as seen on the LaFerrari. Even Murray has hinted will be used a hybrid V12 engine as for his hypercar concept' powertrain assisted by the KERS system.
The Ferrari Stallone is projected to use carbon fiber throughout the bodywork, ranging from the grille to the rear hood. (Picture from: Carscoops)
As you can see here, the front of the Ferrari Stallone is dominated by air ducts and ornate headlights, also included a striking carbon fiber front splitter and features a rear-facing camera. Besides, in the car concept there are several unique parts and could be considered as the hallmark of the supercar's appearance, namely the low and sharp angle of the hood coupled with 2 large vents below.

Then the windshield design is made more curved than other Ferrari models, allowing the designer to shift the A-pillar position to improve outward visibility. While the sides are also made as sexy as the front, including a large air tunnel to improve aerodynamics while providing the air to cooling down its center-mounted powertrain.
The rear section of the Ferrari Stallone was the most attractive part, thanks to the presence of a sharp diffuser, F1-inspired rain light, and semi-circular LED taillights. (Picture from: Carscoops)
As if not to be outdone by the front and sides, as the results the rear looks the most attractive thanks to the presence of a sharp diffuser, F1-inspired rain light, and semi-circular LED taillights. Plus this supercar concept also features dual exhausts that point upwards like the Porsche 918 Spyder. However, when compared to the LaFerrari, there is a slight difference where its quad exhaust tips are lowered on the bumper.

According to the designer, like a hypercar in general, the Stallone is projected to use carbon fiber throughout the bodywork, ranging from the grille to the rear hood. As for the legs, the directional five-spoke wheels look sharp, such as curved star.
"The Ferrari Stallone concept has been a very special project for me," said Murray. As quoted of Motor1, in working on the design of this hypercar concept, Murray used 12 different design programs and half of the programs used were the first time they were used. The programs used include Alias, Vray, Photoshop, Aftereffect and so on.

Well, to make this concept into a real car, we can only speculate, and it all goes back to the Maranello-based manufacturer. But at least in our opinion, the most importantly now we had been seen and witnessed in digital rendered images and video one of the best bred designs of the Italian auto premium marque.😌 *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BEHANCE | CARSCOOPS | MOTOR1 ]
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