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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

New City Transformer revealed at Frankfurt

The Cutest of All With the increasing number of people who inhabit cities throughout the world, it causes more and more complicated the problems related to the increasingly limited lands in urban areas. This encourages the world's automakers to create vehicles that are able to accommodate all the needs of urban communities as well as overcome the problem of increasingly narrow land.
The City Transformer CT-1 able to shrink to a width of only 1 meter, so it can solve the problem of a narrow parking lot, thanks to its Active Width Adjustment technology. (Picture from: Electrive)
One of the logical and quick ideas that can be taken as a solution to this problem is to create a small city car that is able to maneuver swiftly on the streets and in the same time can be parked in a relatively narrow area. Among the many similar city cars currently available, the vehicle made by City Transformer, an Haifa-based automotive startup company named City Transformer CT-1 in our opinion is very interesting, due to this tiny electric city car has unique capability, which is able to transform its width between 39.4 inches (1m) and 55.1 inches (1.4m).
The City Transformer CT-1 when parked in a narrow parking lot on the street Kfar Netter, near Tel Aviv, Israel, November 20, 2018. (Picture from: OtomotifTempo)
This Israeli automotive startup company was founded in 2014, and has been developing this CT-1 tiny car since 2018. The car measures 92.5 inches long, making it one foot shorter than the Smart ForTwo, at 60 inches high and 56.7 inches wide. It is specially designed for urban parking but unlike any Smart car or original Mini Hardtop, it has one great trick; it can fold down to just 39 inches to park in narrow spaces.
It can be four City Transformer CT-1 cars were parked in one parking lot at once. (Picture from: CarBuzz)
This can be done by this car, thanks to the Active Width Adjustment technology.  Furthermore  the company claims four CT-1s can fit into a parking space when folded. Besides that, the tiny electric-powered car is also claimed to be able to provide perfect agility on city streets and is said to be the safest car in its class based on data held by City Transformer shows that about 85 percent of the time people use a car to travel in the city at speeds up to 24 kph (15 mph).
With an all-electric range of 62 to 93 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 56 mph (28 mph in narrow mode), the CT-1 may shrink to around the size of a typical motorcycle but it can seat up to four passengers; two adults up front sitting in tandem and two children in the back. The cabin, unlike the wheelbase, does not change shape.
The City Transformer CT-1' production will initially be done by Germany's Roding Automobile, but serial production could also happen in China beginning next year. (Picture from: CarBuzz)
This tiny electric car has two drive modes. The first is City Mode for vertical parking so that there can be four cars in one parking lot. While the Performance Mode is used on the way for the car driving experience as usual.

This tiny City Transformer car is equipped with two electric motors capable of producing a combined power of 20 hp (15 kW / 20 PS). This allows the cuty to accelerate from rest to 50 kph (31 mph) in just 5 seconds before reachs a top speed of 90 kph (56 mph). Meanwhile, the cruising distance is also decent, where it can be driven as far as 120-180 km (75-112 miles) on the fast charged with only 30 minutes its battery reached 80 percent capacity.
Recently, the ability of a fully electric car made by the Israeli company was demonstrated at the 2021 IAA Mobility Show in Frankfurt, Germany. For those of you are interested to this electric car, the automaker has opened the pre-orders with an initial price of £12,500 (around Rp.211 million). The Prices will increase according to the fixed price of £16,000 (around Rp. 270 million). *** [EKA | FROM VARIOSU SOURCES | CITYTRANSFORMER | ELECTRIVE | CARBUZZ ]
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