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Thursday, September 30, 2021

The futuristic biodynamic shaped truck by Luigi Colani

Head to the Future The world's car manufacturers are now more ready to welcome the future. This can be seen at least from the design of their very futuristic concept cars, some even have out of the box designs. This is in line with the growing trend of environmentally friendly vehicles, not only for small-sized vehicles, but also for heavy-duty vehicles such as the trucks.
The Innotruck is designed by Luigi Colani, and intended to serve as both a test bench and a demonstration vehicle for a number of emerging technologies. (Picture from: Autoevolution)
And some of them come as custom models, as shown in the design of a unique future truck called the Innotruck built in collaboration the Siemens, the German's global technology company with designer Luigi Colani, TU Munich (Munich Technical University) and Marchi Mobile. As reported by Autoevolution, the futuristic truck concept was launched for the first time in 2012 at the MobiliTec international trade show in Hannover, Germany.
The Innotruck posed along with Luigi Colani, and as you can see here, the front of the truck gives a unique access for the driver get into the cockpit by sliding its glass nose. (Picture from: Bubblemania.fr)
At that time, the truck design had attracted the attention of many pairs of eyes. Once realized, this truck does look very futuristic. As we could be seen an aerodynamics truck-trailer-designed with the eco-friendly drivetrain and the energy management is another major goal of it. The creation of the Innotruck is also claimed to be an important part in the development of research on digitalization and electrification.
The Innotruck is also claimed to be an important part in the development of research on digitalization and electrification. (Picture from: Autoevolution)
Described as a "smart microgrid", the vehicle is capable of managing the energy flow not only from its battery, but also from on-board solar cells, wind turbines and regenerative brakes. It even has power outlets along its sides, so other vehicles can recharge when stationary and thus free up energy on the city grid. The point is to cut the inefficiencies of the existing system and could also be a mobile power plant for places where backup power is needed.
The front of the Innotruck has a unique design that resembles the nose of a fighter jet. (Picture from: Bubblemania.fr)
As quoted from Motor1, the Innotruck is claimed to be completely hand-built based on the Mercedes-Benz platform, and has a unique design on the front of the truck that resembles the nose of a fighter jet with the luxurious cabin. This is a truly unique and (potentially) revolutionary design that integrates the trailer as a component combined with the spaceship cockpit. The drive section rotates under the digital cockpit. 
The Innotruck also provided a beautiful living room behind the cockpit that caters to the needs of truckers in long distances traveling. (Picture from: Autoevolution)
Besides it looks futuristic, it has to be said, the almost entirely glass cockpit seems to provide exceptional sight lines to its driver. The car is integrated into the trailer section allowing the drivetrain to be placed under the drive independent of the trailer. Controls are in the cockpit reminiscent of a fighter jet with a large amount of glass allowing optimal visibility. This space is connected to a beautiful living room that caters to the needs of truckers in long distances traveling. To enter the cockpit area, the glass canopy opens and the driver enters.
The Innotruck has an almost entirely glass cockpit that seems to provide exceptional sight lines to its driver. (Picture from: Bubblemania.fr)
The cab is connected to the drivetrain via driveby wire technology allowing easy integration into the trailer. Power comes from an electric motor powered by a diesel engine which is converted into a range extender duty. This allows for the most efficient powertrain that can still provide the distance needed to transport goods over long distances. Besides having an eccentric design and a unique drivetrain, plus its large size makes it not legal yet to use on the European Union roads.
Only two unit of the Innotruck have ever been made, and for those interested in having one of them, it sold on the JamesEdition website back in the 2020, but doesn't say how much it cost (certainly has an expensive price tag). This truck concept can be used as a show car for various business needs and educational programs or simply as a unique collectible items.
Besides the Innotruck, it turns out that the late Luigi Colani has also worked on several other truck designs in collaboration with many parties, ranging from automotive companies and other related institutions, as you can see here. Or You could be also seen another Colani's creation such Ferrari Testa D'oro from 1992.  *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | COLANI | JAMESEDITION | LUXURYAUTOCOLECTION | HOTCARS | MOTOR1 | BUBBLEMANIA | AUTOEVOLUTION ]
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