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Friday, August 20, 2021

The future car vision of the 50s as realized by the 80s custom car makers

ICE HIGHNESS - For automotive enthusiasts, the 1950s is known as one of the eras that recorded the birth of cars with unique and strange shapes that were inspired by many things related to the jets, rockets and outerspaces, so it's no wonder that this period was known as the jet-age. Wild and garish designs are becoming commonplace in hopes of capturing the public's imagination. One of the famous concept cars from this era was the Ford Futura which later became the basis of the Batmobile.
The Studebaker XF58 'Ice Pincess' Custom built by Richard Fletcher in the 1987 by using the Studebaker body elements and the Cadillac's mechanic components. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
Here is another example, a very unique car named the Studebaker XF58 'Ice Princess' custom car is a special vehicle for Studebaker's vision of the future in the 50s as envisioned by the 80s custom car makers. That's not as confusing as it sounds. Well, the unique car was made in 1987 by Richard Fletcher using body elements from Studebaker and Cadillac
The Studebaker XF58 'Ice Pincess' Custom is very clearly visible reflecting the bullet nose design of the 1950s Studebaker models. (Picture from: HotCars)
As qouted of the Hotcars, the car began its life as a sedan, eventually being modified in such a way that it became like a 20-foot-long 6-wheeled weird starship. The original plan, the car maker wanted to make the car as if it was made and designed by the Studebaker stylist of the 1950s. Mostly of the car's bodywork is hand made by using sheet metal on the Studebaker chassis and powered by the Cadillac mechanical components.
The Studebaker XF58 'Ice Pincess' Custom also featured with the double bubble canopy cockpit. (Picture from: SteamPunkTendencies)
So it is not surprising that the distinctive shape of the Studebaker is very clearly visible reflecting the bullet nose design of the 1950s Studebaker models.  It's framed by custom headlights and a dual axle front end for a total length of 20 feet. The long sweeping hood adopted of the 1950s styles, coupled with the double bubble canopy cockpit.
The Studebaker XF58 'Ice Pincess' Custom is powered by the latest 500 cubic inche Cadillac's engine. (Picture from: AtomPunk)
This 1950s oddly styled of Studebaker is powered by a 500 cubic inch engine taken from the latest Cadilac. Maximum output for that unit is 400 horsepower, although it's not clear which configuration has been used. Judging from the physical shape uniqueness, what is certain is that the car is worthy of being an ideal set of wheels for a superhero or perhaps even a supervillain.😎 As you can see on the almost similar wheels belong to Captain Nemo or Red Skull have.👍
Once completed, the car was sold in 2018 for $38,500 at the Russo & Steele's auction event in Scottsdale, Arizona. The last time the weird shaped car appeared for the public at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show as part of the Klairmount Kollection which is a touring car collection originally created by a World War II veteran named Larry Klairmont turned into a successfull real estate developer. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARSCOOPS | NEWATLAS | STEAMPUNKTENDENCIES | HOTCARS ]
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