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Friday, June 11, 2021

Here are the 8 most sought after of the 1980s Ferraris today (Part-1)

The MOST ONES The 1980s was one of the eras where most people at that time were very obsessed with the future. This is illustrated by the public's interest in futuristic-themed movies such as Back To The Future, so that they were made in several sequels. The film depicts the human ability to time travel by using a time travel device made by retrofitting a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 with a flux capacitor, although in reality it still cannot be done until today. The existence of sophisticated DMC DeLorean car with future technology such those in that movie then had a big influence on car design in the 1980s.
Many people are obsessed for having a Ferrari sports car. (Picture from: GQ.com.au)
Ferrari is one of the most capable car manufacturers to show the influence of futuristic elements in its car productions. At the time, the Ferraris are famous for its iconic red color, but is also famous for its wide mirrors and futuristic car design that gives the impression as if it is ready to fly. By its such distinctive and iconic shape, so it is not surprising that the Ferraris of the 1980s are still the target of many fans today, and here are the first part of the 8 most sought after 1980s Ferraris;

1. 1980 Ferrari 308 GTSi
In the process of its creation in 1980, this car had faced problems, because it was considered to produce bad air pollutants. So that makes the Maranello-based manufacturers have to reduce its power output. By such consideration, then Ferrari finally pinned the fuel injection technology on the car, so allows it to still have great power but can still maintains not produce too much air pollutants.
1980 Ferrari 308 GTSi. (Picture from: Hagerty)
The drop-top version of the Ferrari 308 GTSi has always been considered attractive, and had inspired the prancing horse logoed premium car manufacturer to deliver unrestricted driving capabilities of the targa-top sportscar and touted as the pioneer of the Ferrari's roofless cars.

2. 1980 Ferrari Mondial 8
The car was one of the Ferrari's successful works which was launched in 1980 after the Ferrari 380 GT4. The car was a high-performance upgraded car that marks the start of a new decade of the Ferrari's automobile development. This could be the start of a very good decade for the Maranello-based car manufacturer due to at the time that they created cars painted in their signature and iconic red color.
1980 Ferrari Mondial 8. (Picture from: Tucarro)
The Ferrari Mondial 8 itself is carried a 2+2 coupe-type powered by a V8 engine and has a wheelbase several centimeters longer than its predecessor, the 380 GT4, so the car has more spacious space for the passengers in the rear seats.

3. 1982 Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole
The Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole has a special feature in the form of a removable targa-top, which was almost applied to its predecessor car, and should be an upgraded GTSI version. So, this version is easily identifiable by the removable black roof section and the satin black triangular shaped louvres covering the glass in the sail panels.
1982 Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovavole. (Picture from: CarPixel)
If the 308 GTSI was meant to deliver a new breakthrough, so this car is meant the example. It appeared so elegant with the body finished in the iconic red color, the car was first showcased at the Paris Auto Salon 1982, and described as a special start for such special car is powered by a 2,920cc V8 engine.

4. 1983 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet
This prancing horse species was made nine years after their last drop-top version was launched. The car carries a new 2+2 spider style and has got the same basic touch as the coupe version is designed by Pininfarina, a well-known Cambiano-based car design company.
1983 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
The premiere of the Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet took place in Modena in September 1983 and was shown off to public for the first time at the Brussels Auto Salon in January of the following year. The unique Ferrari's cabriolet model was created to be faced the western climate, where its roof can be operated manually and is an innovation that is the main attraction of the model as well.
So, those are the first part of the 8 most sought after 1980s Ferraris to date. Too bad, it should be ended here and we'll continue the next part soon as possible. Don't get drunk while on the wheel and stay safe. (Jump to Part-2). *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | FERRARI | BRINGTRAILER ]
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