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Friday, May 28, 2021

All-new Naran GT3-style hyper coupe

Let's WAIT Well, this time it is the turn of a British startup company called Naran Automotive which on November 25, 2020, presented a new 4-seats configuration car called Naran Hyper Coupe, whose design is inspired by the GT3 race car and is planned to be produced in a limited number, ie as much 49 units only.
Naran Hyper Coupe is bulit by Naran Automotive as a new 4-seats road legal car whose design inspired by the GT3 race car. (Picture from: Id.Motor1.com)
Actually referring to the term of the GT3 race car is a mass production car that is converted into a racing car. But in this case what the Naran Automotive is doing is the opposite, namely making a road-legal car inspired by the GT3 race cars. But that's okay, instead the British company claims that its newest car would be made and offered the GT3 race car driving sensation on the roads.
Naran Hyper Coupe is pinned a twin-turbocharged 5.0 liter V8 engine concocted by a German racing specialist company named Racing Dynamics. (Picture from: BlackExperience)
By carrying the GT3 race car theme, the Naran's car is powered by a front mid-engine configuration uses aggressive body kit elements all over its body. Including the front slitter, rear wing, rear diffuser and others. According to them, this design element does not only function as a mere aesthetic. But it also serves to increase downforce up to 1.4 tons.

The car body itself is made of carbon composite and featured with the 22-inches size alloy wheels are made of hyrdo-carbon material. On the car inside, Naran Sports wears flax carbon trim which is claimed to be the first in the world. This material is very light but environmentally friendly because it breaks down easily in nature. In addition, this material has the ability to absorb vibrations like carbon fiber.

Under its long snout is pinned a twin-turbocharged 5.0 liter V8 engine concocted by a German racing specialist company named Racing Dynamics. The car engine is capable spew power of 1,048 hp and 1,035 Nm of torque. Those powers were able to bring the Naran's coupe accelerated from a standstill to a speed of 100 kph in just 2.3 seconds and speed up to the top speed of 370 kph.
Naran Hyper Coupe actually uses an all-wheel drive system, but can change to rear-wheel drive whenever desired only by pressed a single button. (Picture from: BlackExperience)
Actually, the car uses an all-wheel drive system. However, there is a switch inside of the car that can change to rear-wheel drive whenever desired. The Naran's hypercar stands on a double wishbone suspension with Ohlins for-way adjustable damping. The brakes use carbon-ceramic brakes and hydraulic steering rack as its racing standard features.
The Naran Automotive said its car's driving dynamics were developed in conjunction with the EY3 Engineering and Daniel Mense. The last name mentioned is the person who responsible for creating the record for a single lap of the Nurburgring Circuit by the Chinese Nio EP9 electric-powered car in 2017.

The plan, the Naran Hyper Coupe will make its debut in this year (2021). How much is it? Until now, the Naran Automotive not been released it yet. Be patient...! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | NARAN AUTOMOTIVE | ID.MOTOR1.COM | TECHZLE ]
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