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Thursday, April 22, 2021

You might look the air purifier on wheels milling around on the streets someday in the future

Concept ONLY Lately, there has been growing a trend of the changes of the fossilI-fueled vehicle technology into the vehicles with renewable energy, in this case electrical energy. It can be seen of the many automotive manufacturers are aggressively developing electric-powered vehicles, even as if these manufacturers are competing to present the most futuristic vehicle designs.
The Aether electric-powered motorcycle concept designed by a Taiwanesse auto designer named Lin Yu Cheng. (Picture from: ZigWheels)
And one of them is an electric motorbike named Aether Electric Motorcycle Concept, the work of a Taiwanese automotive designer named Lin Yu Cheng. As quoted of Visordown, the electric-powered motorbike will be equipped with super sophisticated technology, such as wireless charging technology or in other words, its batteries can be charged wirelessly. Very sophisticated, isn't?
The Aether electric-powered motorcycle may look like an iron with wheels, but you have to applaud the ingenuity of the idea attached in it such the wireless charging and advanced air purifier systems. (Picture from: ZigWheels)
Besides being powered by renewable energy sourced of the electric motor, it turns out that the motorcycle is also carried an eco-friendly technology. Well, according to the designer, the Aether electric-powered motorbike can also clean the air through an air purifier system pinned in it. It's said, that the air purifier functioned to be able to clean carbon monoxide produced by other vehicles in the vicinity. 
The Aether electric-powered motorcycle within its dimensions, riding style, coupled with so many advanced features pinned in it. (Picture from: ZigWheels)
By those advance device systems, the air entering into the device and then will be expelled as the filtered and clean air, because the motorcycle has massive air intake ducts that channel air into the ceramic filter modules is functioned as an air purifier to trap PM 2.5 micro-particles. Furthermore, those air purifier components also can be cleaned or replaced periodically so that its function continues to run optimally.
The Aether electric-powered motorcycle has sophisticated wireless charging and also air purifier systems. (Picture from: ZigWheels)
Now the actual motorcycle may look like an iron with wheels, but you have to applaud the ingenuity of the idea. As mentioned above, this electric-powered motorcycle concept is also equipped with a wireless charging system that is placed under the motorbike. So, to charge it, no longer needs a cable connecting from the charging slot to the motorcycle. It is also stated to charging the battery takes only 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, this is still a matter of debate because if the motorcyle can be realized, there should be infrastructure that supports all those systems embeded on the motorbike. Because, when parked in an ordinary parking lot, the wireless charging system will not work optimally. So maybe it should be rethought to also embed a conventional battery charging system that still need the cables..
That's very promising future, if someday there are so many such these electric motorbikes with air purifier technology milling around the streets. So it could be made less air pollutants around us. And finally, the question now is whether the technology can be realized in the near future, given that today we live among the urban society with so many pollutants?😣

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