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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A dashing supercar-engined Lambo's SUV of the 1980s

Unique ONES Not only Lamborghini Urus, it turns out that the Italian raging-bull logoed manufacturer has ever made a dashing ferocious engined sport utility vehicle (SUV) in the 1980s. Precisely in the 1986, the Sant'Agata, Bolognese based car manufacturer launched the Lamborghini LM002 was successful enough to attract the attention of automotive enthusiasts at the time.
Lamborghini LM002 is the first SUV produced by Lamborghini ranging of 1986 to 1993 and successful enough to attract the attention of automotive enthusiasts at the time. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
Because the ancestor of the Lamborghini Urus has a radical design than the other 4x4 SUVs at the time. If the other SUVs come with a boxy shape and looks stiff, the Lamborghini LM002 comes with a sporty supercar design.

It can be seen from the many firm lines on the body, as well as the hood which has several air intakes so it has the impression of a fast car. The body is made of a material that is rarely used in SUVs, the Lamborghini LM002 uses a shell made from a combination of fiberglass and aluminum so that its weight can be minimized.
Lamborghini LM002 featured with a full luxury package, including full leather trim, tinted power windows, air conditioning, and a premium stereo mounted in a roof console. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
The Lamborghini LM002 is built based on a tubular steel frame with riveted aluminium body panels. The supercar-engined Lambo SUV was then put on the production line and built until 1993 and during its production period only 328 units were ever built.

For information, the name of LM002 is short of the Lamborghini Militaria Version 2. This means that the Lamborghini LM002 is the successor of the 1977 Cheetah prototype, 1981 LM001 and 1982 LMA002 which were only concept cars and not to be produced.
Lamborghini LM002 powered by a front-mounted 5,200 cc V12 engine which capable of spraying power up to 444 horsepower. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
Then move on to the legs, the Lamborghini LM002 relies on a fully independent suspension for the front and rear. But don't ever underestimate the performance of the LM002, because the raging-bull's SUV uses a front-mounted 5,200 cc V12 engine which capable of spraying power up to 444 horsepower.

Not surprisingly, the ferocious-powered V12 engine is the same engine used by the Lamborghini Countach. More insane, when the engine felt not enough? At that time, the manufacturer also provided an option of the Lamborghini L804 7,200 cc V12 engine, which is commonly used by speedboats with a power of 730 hp.
The power generated by the aforementioned engine is then channeled to the all-wheel drive system through a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox which is equipped with a transfer case with a wheel drive option and selecting gear ratios of  High (H) or Low (L).
The one-off "Estate" version of Lamborghini LM002 built by Salvatore Diomante, a Turin-based autoshop owner for the Sultan of Brunei. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
As quoted of Wikipedia, the dashing SUV known by the nickname of  Rambo Lambo was later built in several versions in addition to the standard version. By near the end of its production period, when Salvatore Diomante, a Turin-based autoshop owner created an one-off "Estate" version for the Sultan of Brunei by closing the rear area and raising the roof meant to significantly add to the interior.

Then there were also 2 units of the LM002 special version called the LM002 Evoluzione is built in 1988 to take part in the Paris Dakar Rally at that time. For these cars (the orange and white colored units), Lamborghini stripped of all unnecessary weight and gave it an upgraded suspension, engine modifications which brought it to 600 PS (441 kW), full roll cage, plexiglas windows and GPS equipment.
1988 Lamborghini LM002 Evoluzione specially built for the Paris Dakar Rally 1988. (Picture from: CoolMaterial)
Unfortunately, the funding ran out before they could officially be included in the competition, even though one of them had participated in the Rallye des Pharaons in Egypt and the other in Greece. The orange car was developed by the Swiss-based World LM Racing Team.

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