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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Lil Redd Wrecker

The existence of special utility vehicles such as wreck truck is really needed by automotive workshops in their daily operational duties. Besides playing an important role, its figure has always escaped the attention of automotive enthusiasts. Because in general, these utility vehicles have a less attractive and monotonous shape truck.
Redd Fox Lil Red Wrecker built by the famous builder George Barris in the early 1970s. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2Qjg6p1)
At first glance, a wrecker looks similar to a tow truck, the major differences between both of them only by the driver's scope of duties. While both positions require you to tow cars, a tow truck driver typically only tows vehicles. They do not generally perform repair or maintenance work, while a wrecker driver is authorized to do so.

So when there is a famous car builder who makes this type of vehicle so it becomes beautiful and even emerges a star in every attended auto show. This is certainly something interesting to discuss. The wrecker in question was built by George Barris in the early 1970s for Redd Foxx star of "Sanford & Son" named Redd Fox Lil Red Wrecker. The truck has an awesome piece built of the all-steel body tube frame, corvette rear-end, and suspension.
The cabin of the Redd Fox Lil Red Wrecker covered dominantly with red-velvet while the blue on its seater side. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2Qjg6p1)
This all hand-built body is made of metal and sculptured with the tilt styled front cab tinted sky top window and all. The oval tunneled grille shell housed quad rectangular English-style headlights and a chrome mesh insert.

And the gorgeous designed wrecker is powered by an all chrome plated supercharged 392 cubic inches Chrysler's mid-mounted engine. Another unusual feature is the Center Steering with right-hand power braking plus left-hand hydraulic gas pedal.
The gorgeous Redd Fox Lil Red Wrecker is powered by an all chrome plated supercharged 392 cubic inches Chrysler's mid-mounted engine. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2EyZbMq)
A square foam styled crushed blue velvet interior was created by Joe Perez plus trimmed in a wet look antique vinyl.

The rear wrench is electric push-button power operated and completely chrome plated. Dual MOON gas tanks are installed on each side of the body panels and finished in a machined groove. Extra-wide deep chrome reversed wheels are mounted on Formula Super Stock tires.

Unique pinstripe and gold leafing with Redd's character image were performed by the artistic talents of Ralph Stiers. The finishing touches are in 30 coats of fine sprayed Kandy Redd over a Sungleam platinum under the base.
The truck now runs and drives, when the current owner bought the truck in the 1990's he completely restored the whole truck, to make it run and move on its own. When the truck was originally built is was a pusher show car for the Autorama and indoor car shows, aka trailer queen. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BARIS.COM | TOWFORCE.NET | MOTORIOUS.COM]
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