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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Legend 480 intended to bring the TVR sportscar big-name

Some time ago word got out in cyberspace, that a British automotive company would launch a new supercar. As quoted from Business Live, that a Belmore Way-based automotive company and also known as the key supplier to Formula One named Mulholland Automotive will launch a supercar called Legend 480.
Mulholland Automotive has designed and developed its own sportscar called the Legend 480. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3cSZlup)
This supercar is reportedly powered by a V8 engine coupled with a six-speed manually gearbox, as it is well known that this two-seat supercar was designed based on the company's experience for twenty years while working in the world of Formula One racing. And the name of the '480' also refers to the amount of power that can be generated by its engine.

According to Graham Mulholland (the company owner), as one of Europe’s leading advanced component engineering manufacturers, which has become a specialist supplier to most high-profile motor racing teams, along with practically every premium branded niche-vehicle manufacturer
The Legend 480 is named after the amount of horsepower it can generate. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3cSZlup)
And the presence of Legend 480, however, allows it to showcase technology, expertise, and capabilities to a much larger global audience, plus it allows the company to celebrate the combustion engine before moving to emerge technology, which the company wants to help co-develop.
The Legend 480 is designed and built by Mulholland Group in Derby. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3cSZlup)
This supercar designed follows the blueprint of the classic British sportscar. Its engine is at the front, it has rear-wheel drive, a manual gearbox, and stylish, sculpted bodywork. This new supercar is intended as a successor to the TVR's big-name, a British sports car brand. And it is not surprising that Mulholland Automotive then used the services of the former head of TVR design, Damian McTagget to sketch and sculpture the Legend 480.

For this supercar carbon fiber chassis and bodywork will be developed by Mulholland Composites using the exact processes developed and used to produce F1 and GT racers alike. Then the car will be built at the Mulholland Group’s state-of-the-art Derby factory.

He further said that the Legend 480 is a truly focused machine with the great design underpinned by superior engineering produced by an incredibly experienced and well-established team. Then the company hopes it will prove popular, but prices are not available until now.

But the company is ready to disclose the price only to interested customers and is ready to start production to then bring the supercar to the owner's garage. Are you interested in having this supercar? *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MULHOLLAND AUTOMOTIVE | BUSINESS LIVE]
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