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Friday, November 5, 2021

Almar's space race dream car

Unique ONES We are still discussing strange-shaped vehicles. And on this occasion what will be discussed is a unique four-wheeled vehicle from Faroe Island. The car, which was built in the 1950s, has an exterior appearance inspired by the spacecraft that was popular at that time and has also inspired many other four-wheeled vehicles.
Almar's Dream Car in the day as it arrived in Norway back in 1957. (Picture from: Facebook)
The unique car known as the Almar's Space Race Dream Car was built in 1955 by Almar Nordhaug, a Norwegian who lives in Tórshavn, Faroe Island. He built the car while working at a barrel factory in there, and helped by his colleagues from the barrel factory. The overall design of the Almar's car is very similar to the 1954 Ford FX-Atmos concept car, and we believe it becomes an inspiration during its development.
Right side view of Almar's Dream Car. (Picture from: Facebook)
This car is built on a Vauxhall Cresta chassis complete with its engine and drive system. Then the body is built in a handmade and uniquely, it using an airplane cockpit cover functioned as the roof. Once completed, Almar's car became the first car built on Faroe Island which featured the entertainment system like a cassette player and four loudspeakers.
Almar Nordhaug posed along with his dream car. (Picture from: Kustomrama)
This 2-seater unique-shaped car also had the gullwing doors to stand out prominently so that it will always make people immediately look at when it is passing the streets. When Nordhaug returned to Norway in 1957, he took along the car with him
Picture of Almar's Dream Car (below) appeared on the Faroe Islands stamps in 2011. (Picture from: Kustomrama)
Not only on Faroe Island but also in Norway, this car is also the center of attention when crossing the streets and it is known as an "airplane" with the Norwegian license plate number T-3022. Just for info, a picture of Almar's Dream Car once appeared on the Faroe Islands stamps in 2011.

During its existence in Norway, this car ever had undergone a process of restoration by Nils Petter Weiberg Aurdal in the 1960s after it was found in a miserable condition and also experienced several times ownership changing. Since then, the existence of Almar's car became a mystery and nobody knows where is it now?😭 *** [EKA [05052020]| FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | KUSTORAMA | CUSTOMRODDER | FLICKR]
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