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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The one-off Duesenberg Model D

When we talking about 'tastes,' maybe each era has its own tastes. This also seems to apply in the world's automotive. If at this time, the rich automotive enthusiasts might prefer to have the Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Bentley, Ferrari, and Lamborghini branded cars to raise their social status. But in the era of the 1920s until the early 1930s, the world's celebrity vehicle tastes of the world fell on Duesenberg branded cars that carried innovative high-performance machines to raise social status in society at that time.
1966 Duesenberg Model D prototype built based on Virgil Exner's design and constructed by Carrozzeria Ghia. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/33f3BjQ)
Indeed, at present, the Duesenberg brand is rarely heard especially with its many unique sport and body features. The emergence of the Duesenberg Model D is intended to remake it being a star that would shine in the mid-1960s. The car is known to be made based on the brainchild of former Chrysler Chief designer Virgil Exner. which was later built by Carrozzeria Ghia, one of the leading Italian car body companies in 1966.
The Exners's Duesenberg sketch for Esquire. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/33f3BjQ)
The concept was originally conceived by Fritz Duesenberg (son of Augie Duesenberg), and Milo Record, a promoter of the Indianapolis area, to make a flagship model in early 1964. This car will have a roar of a 500 cubic inch engine capable of spewing power of up to 500 horsepower and sit at an extra-long wheelbase.
The steering wheel and dashboard view of Duesenberg Model D prototype. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/33f3BjQ)
The car which then uses Chrysler's 440 cubic-inch V8 engine that capable of producing power of 425 horsepower. The assembly process is planned to take place in Indianapolis with initial plans to be built around 200 to 1000 units and its future plan include the convertible version. 
Rear side view of Duesenberg Model D prototype. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/33f3BjQ)
And the car's initial body style is a four-door sedan with a cabin full of luxurious touches including the option of built-in television and mini-bar inside. The standard equipment of this car includes climate control A/C, automatic pilot, and AM/FM radio. Surely the price tag will last far beyond the reach of ordinary people at around $20,000, more than double the most expensive Cadillac model at the time.
After that, the order was confirmed (it's believed that around 50 orders were received) to be ready to be rolled as a production model, but unfortunately, Duesenberg's extinct dream never came true. And the prototype car that has been completed is still the only one that has been made and displayed in the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum for almost 36 years without ever having one production model. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CONCEPTCARZ | HEMMINGS]
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