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Monday, May 27, 2024

Ferrari Reveals Secret Testarossa F90 Speciale After 18 Years

Mysterious Breed - The story of the Ferrari Testarossa F90 Speciale is a tale of secrecy, luxury, and automotive passion. Unlike the iconic Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which graced the roads in 2019, the F90 Speciale has a unique origin story that adds to its allure. It all began in 1988 when the HH Sultan of Brunei (some said His Highness' youngest brother) approached Pininfarina with a vision: to create six exclusive supercars based on the Ferrari Testarossa.
1988 Ferrari Testarossa F90 Speciale built by Pininfarina. (Picture from: Autoblog)
The project was veiled in secrecy, catching Ferrari completely unaware of its existence. Behind closed doors, the Italian coachbuilder commenced work on this venture at its headquarters, culminating in a car that bore some resemblance to the Pininfarina Ethos Concept. This endeavor led to the creation of what would become the Ferrari F90 Speciale.
1988 Ferrari Testarossa F90 Speciale built by Pininfarina. (Picture from: Fotki)
Branded as a symbol of Ferrari's trajectory into the 1990s, the F90 Speciale stayed true to its roots with the formidable 4.9-liter flat-12 engine from the Testarossa, boasting 396 horsepower and 490 Nm of torque, propelling the car's rear wheels with impressive force. The Ferrari F90 appears to be built on the Testarossa's chassis, identifiable by the chassis numbers of 83096, 86390, 86626, 86784, 87195 and 88171. Notably, the positions of the wheels and rearview mirrors also remained unchanged in this transition.
1988 Ferrari Testarossa F90 Speciale built by Pininfarina. (Picture from: Autoblog)
Despite its technical similarities to the Testarossa, the F90 Speciale's design was a departure from the norm. Enrico Fumia, then head of R&D at Pininfarina, spearheaded a unique aesthetic direction. The "Edge design," characterized by elliptical motifs, adorned the car's exterior, from taillights to rear wings. A distinctive feature was the roof glass panel that could slide over the rear window.
1988 Ferrari Testarossa F90 Speciale built by Pininfarina. (Picture from: Autoblog)
In 2005, Ferrari acknowledged the existence of six F90 Speciale cars, hailing them as bolder creations than what they had previously ventured. While sightings of the F90 Speciale outside Brunei are rare, enthusiasts catch glimpses through online media and historic publications like the Cavallino magazine.
1988 Ferrari Testarossa F90 Speciale built by Pininfarina. (Picture from: Autoblog)
Enrico Fumia's legacy extends beyond the F90 Speciale, with designs for Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider displaying similarities in aesthetic approach. Yet, the allure of the F90 Speciale lies in its mystique, housed within Brunei's exclusive supercar collection. Enthusiasts can only hope for a day when one of these gems graces public view, captivating automotive aficionados worldwide.
As we reflect on the enduring legacy of the F90 Speciale, our curiosity naturally extends to the other treasures nestled within Brunei's esteemed car collection. The enticing allure of vehicles like the Ferrari F50 Bolide, Ferrari Mythos, and Ferrari FX, as several other jewels in the Sultan's garage, beckons automotive enthusiasts to delve deeper into this realm of automotive opulence and innovation. *** [EKA [02012020] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTOBLOG | PUBLIC.FOTKI ]
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