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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Ahead of its debut, the latest Lamborghini figure is leaked little by little

According to Lamborghini, the Aventador figure is its mainstay model that carries the company characteristics and is very identical to the figure of a mid-engine V12 hypercar. Today the hypercar has reached a mature ages, but the successor wouldn't launch yet in the near future.
Is this the figure of 'LB48H' coded hypercar which not have the name yet? Rumours said, it to be given a name Lamborghini Sián. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2krGHUD)
This is contrary to what is widely circulated in cyberspace, that currently the raging bull logoed premium car company is preparing a new hypercar. After some time ago, the company showing a teaser image through its official Tweeter account. And on last August, the company also giving a new teaser video through its official Instagram account.
Furthermore, the new hypercar figure is increasingly revealed little by little, after it leaked at Lamborghini Unica, a smartphone application specifically dedicated to the Lamborghini owners. According to rumors, this car will be named Lamborghini Sián. If this name is correct, sounds a little less fierce right? But because Lamborghini usually takes the bull name, maybe Sián is the name of one of the special bulls. Who knows?
For you, the purist Lamborghini fans, even if the Sián is not a bull's name, you should no need to feel disappointed. Because indeed Lamborghini does not always use the bull name for its products. For example, you might be remember to the Lamborghini Miura, Countach, Diablo and Murcielago.

However, what is familiar with the figure of Lamborghini Sián is its design style, which seems so clearly inspired by the Lamborghini Terzo Millenio concept car. Then the details of Lamborghini Sián include the door design which also flows the air into the side air vents which are somewhat square in shape.
The ventilation is sharp, looks like the one in Centenario. Similarly, the air fins behind the upright and sharp. Then the Aventador and Huracan taillights which have the shape of the letter "Y" are replaced with new hexagon-shaped lights, which are commonly found in a modern Lamborghini.

As reported from The Drive that the Lamborghini Sián engine still uses a 6,500 cc V12 engine based of the Aventador, that means at least 770 PS of power and 720 Nm of torque has been obtained. It seems that no turbocharged devices will be installed on it, but this car is said to be using a hybrid system that can provide extra power of 30 PS from the electric motors. Looking at the number 30 PS is very small for a Lamborghini indeed. But if that's true, then the power combination can reach 800 PS.
Does not stop here, its sensation then continues. These LB48H coded hypercar which not have the name yet reportedly built in limited number, ie 63 units only, and sold with prices ranging from US. $2.5 million (approx £2 million/€2.2 million) or around Rp.35.6 billion. But, there's a bad news for You who would interested to have this hypercar… Now, all of them have already been sold out.
Now, by the many teaser images, video coming out and all-about from the Italian marque, reports of the hybrid hypercar aren't far-fetched at this point, but who knows? And now, let's wait until its launching time is come in Frankfurt starting on September 12, 2019. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MOTOR1 | THE DRIVE]
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