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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Tushek being prepared a lightweight, high-performance hybrid car

Salon Privé is the world-class exotic car gathering event held at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England. On this year, the 14th edition of events which held in the next September, reportedly will featured the latest hypercar from Tushek, an automotive company from Slovenia.

This company look like to appear silently then suddenly presents a new high performance hybrid vehicle in the hypercar segment with the name of Tushek TS 900 H APEX. If you remember, this car actually has also been shown in the famous world's automotive expo since last year, such as in the Monaco Top Marques 2018.
Tushek TS 900 H APEX, a lightweight, high-performance hybrid car. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/30HCvjk)
As we all knew, the Slovenian automotive company previously launched the Tushek Renovatio T500 at the same event back in 2012. The car had a very sharp appearance, but after that there was no news anymore.

And it looks Tushek has become the latest automotive company that promises extreme engine performance but should swallow bitter pill in the world's premium car market.
Front view of Tushek TS 900 H APEX at the Top Marques Monaco 2018. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2wH44vk)
The company was founded by Aljosa Tushek who is also a former racer and of course has a very good knowledge of racing cars. This year, Tushek backs to the surface by launching a high-performance hybrid car that on paper looks very good and is quite promising. This hypercar is powered by a pair of electric motors mounted on both front wheels and a 4.2 liter, V8 engine mounted at the rear.

It look like wanting to compete with the appearance of another hypercars, the Tushek TS 900 H APEX is seen cool by using a pair of scissor-type doors. And to get more driving sensation, its roof can be opened so that the driver and passenger can enjoy the gusts of wind on each strand of their hair and also the roaring sounded of the exhausts and its V8-engine.
Interior view of Tushek TS 900 H APEX. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2wH44vk)
The company claims that the Tushek TS 900 H APEX is the result of four years of research and testing of various the driving dynamics and technologies to produce the cars that can be 'connected' to the driver and passanger through a variety of the latest innovation systems on its cabin.

As reported by Carscoops, with only two electric motors, and also additional compressors, the car's peak power output is at 937 horsepower and 1,400 Nm of torque! Indeed, those performance figures have not been able to place the TS 900 H APEX as the most powerful hypercar but worth noting the car has a light weight of around 1,410 kg. This is not surprising, thanks to the chromium applied on spaceframes and carbon fiber on the body. This is very impressive for a high performance hybrid vehicle with such specifications.
Rear view of Tushek TS 900 H APEXH at the Top Marques Monaco 2018. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2wH44vk)
The power generated by the car's hybrid system is then combined with a 6 speed sequential transmission system so that it can run up to the top speed of 379 kph. Tushek also claims the car's acceleration ability from 0 to 100 kph can be done in just 2.5 seconds, and also can travel approximately 49.1 km by using its electric power only!!

With the capability to produce high performance so the need of great performance component supports such as tires and brakes also becomes very crucial on this car. And on the Tushek TS 900 H APEX is seen using Pirelli Trofeo Series R tires with dimensions 235/35 in front and 305/30 behind. This hypercar also uses Brembo's disc brakes and large sized calipers which are installed on each its wheels.
Not much technical informations were given, as well as the price, and the car's amount to be offered are still not officially disclosed by this company. However, for sure is more and more independent companies or auto manufacturers are able to develop such cars and seems like the games will never ends! Nobody knows. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARSCOOPS | SUPERCARS]
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