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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Is the new Bugatti's hypercar will look like this?

As we all know, that the French premium car manufacturer Bugatti some time ago ever said that they would reveal their latest limited-edition supercar figure at the 2019 Monterey Car Week.

So now we still talking about the upcoming limited-edition supercar of Bugatti. As rumour circulated that the unnamed upcoming supercar inspired by the EB110 SS from the 1990s. So far Bugatti has only confirmed it "will have a world premiere in Pebble Beach", but not confirm if it will be inspired by the EB110.
Is the new Bugatti's hypercar will look like this? A rendered image by a German media named Auto Motor Und Sport. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2Yv896F)
But the sign strengthened, when there're several media have made an interview with the EB110 creator who expressed they would love to see Bugatti developed a tribute to the mid-engined supercar. And to this day the French auto company hasn't released a teaser photo of those new model yet.

However, a Germany's media named 'Auto Motor Und Sport' claimed that they managed to get a partial design sketch that was allegedly produced by Bugatti's chief designer, Achim Anscheidt, and potentially showed what the next Bugatti hypercar would look like.
1995 Bugatti EB110 SS. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2YKVfg9)
The German media believes that the design sketch was used on an internal greeting card from Bugatti Design Studio, but this has not been confirmed. By using those design sketches as a basis, and then the German media have mocked a rendering picture that shows what a new Bugatti's hypercar looks like when the cover comes off at the upcoming Pebble Beach event.
An alleged upcoming Bugatti supercar design sketch was used on an internal greeting card from Bugatti Design Studio. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2Yv896F)
Shown from the front, there is a distinctive crossbars in the grille are clearly inspired by the Bugatti EB110 Super Sport, but the box-shaped headlights are stacked vertically and placed on each side of the hood, resulting in a striking appearance. But we have to wait and see if the final car's design matches to the rendering image above?

Like its predecessors Divo and La Voiture Noire, this upcoming supercar will be built from the Chiron base. According to the report, only 10 units will be made and each will be sold at a price tag of €8 million or around US. $9 millions. And this price tag is only half of the La Voiture Noire's which is noted as the world's most expensive production car ever made up to now.
Then what about the engine? While the original Bugatti EB110 SS was powered by a 3.5-liter capacity quad-turbo V12 engine that capable of producing power of up to 603 horsepower. So the upcoming supercar is likely to use the Chiron's engine, which is a 8.0-liter 16-cylinder quad-turbo engine capable of producing power of up to 1,479 horsepower.

And everything will be revealed at Pebble Beach on August 18, we just wait and see till its time. Meanwhile, don't be surprised if Bugatti releases several teaser images of its latest project before then. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT | CARBUZZ]
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