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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Unleashing the Bulls: Lamborghini's 350 GTV and 350 GT Take on Ferrari

Unique ONES - The Lamborghini and Ferrari brands are iconic in the world of luxury and performance cars. Both hail from Italy, a country renowned for its rich automotive heritage. The story of these two giants is deeply intertwined with rivalry and innovation, each pushing the other to new heights of engineering and design excellence.
The Lamborghini and Ferrari both are Italian famous premium auto makers and also known as rival one each other in the world's automotive industry since the 1960s. (Picture from: id.Phoneky)
Ferrari was the first to emerge on the scene, founded by Enzo Anselmo Ferrari in 1929. Ferrari quickly became a symbol of speed and sophistication. In 1964, however, Ferruccio Lamborghini launched the Lamborghini 350 GT, marking the start of a fierce competition between the two brands.
A disassembled Ferrari 250 GTE at the Lamborghini Museum might be Ferruccio's personal car, connected to the stories surrounding the founding of the Lamborghini car company in the 1960s. The tale began when Ferruccio complained to Enzo Ferrari about the clutch in this car. (Picture from: SCMP)
Ferruccio Lamborghini was a successful entrepreneur before venturing into the automotive industry. He initially made his fortune through a tractor manufacturing company. As his wealth grew, he indulged in a passion for high-performance cars, one of which was the Ferrari 250 GTE. This car, however, led to a pivotal moment in automotive history.
The Lamborghini 350 GT was the company's first production model, and debuted at the 1964 Geneva Auto Show. (Picture from: Otoblitz)
After experiencing issues with his Ferrari's transmission, Ferruccio approached Enzo Ferrari with a complaint. Enzo's dismissive response—that Ferruccio was merely a tractor maker with no understanding of race cars—spurred Ferruccio to prove him wrong. This challenge catalyzed the creation of Automobili Lamborghini in 1963, based in Sant'Agata Bolognese.
The Lamborghini 350 GT was a triumph, featuring a body constructed by Carrozzeria Touring using their patented 'Superleggera' method. (Picture from: LamboCars)
Determined to compete with Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini assembled a team of top talents, including Giotto Bizzarrini, who had designed many Ferrari engines, and engineers Giampaolo Dallara and Giampaolo Stanzani. He also recruited test driver Bob Wallace. Their collaboration led to the creation of Lamborghini's first prototype, the 350 GTV, which debuted in May 1963.
1963 Lamborghini 350 GTV was a Lamborghini prototype and forerunner of its first production model named Lamborghini 350 GT. (Picture from: TopSpeed)
The Lamborghini 350 GTV featured a 3,500 cc V12 engine designed by Bizzarrini, capable of producing 320 horsepower. This prototype was a statement of intent, showcasing Lamborghini's commitment to high-performance engineering. However, it was not suitable for mass production. Dallara and Stanzani quickly set about redesigning it for the consumer market, leading to the launch of the Lamborghini 350 GT in March 1964 at the Geneva Auto Show.
Lamborghini 350 GTV was very sleek and streamlined, with a very low hood that incorporated one of the better pop-up headlight designs of all time. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
The 350 GT was a triumph, featuring a body constructed by Carrozzeria Touring using their patented 'Superleggera' method, which involved affixing aluminum alloy panels to a tubular structure. The car measured 4,640 mm in length, 1,730 mm in width, and 1,220 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,550 mm. It boasted independent four-wheel suspensions, a differential Salisbury, and vacuum servo-assisted Girling disc brakes. The 350 GT could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (60 mph) in just 6.8 seconds, with a top speed of 254 km/h (158 mph).
Lamborghini 350 GTV used a Bizzarini's 3,500 cc V12 engine that produces 320 hp of power. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
The production of the Lamborghini 350 GT was limited to 120 units before it was succeeded by the Lamborghini 400 GT in 1966. Some of the 350 GTs were later fitted with the larger 4.0-liter engine from the 400 GT, further enhancing their performance.
Lamborghini 400 GT received a larger 3,9 liter version of the engine built by Giotto Bizzarrini and tuned for the new model by Gian Paolo Dallara. (Picture from: Forum Forza)
The rivalry between Lamborghini and Ferrari has continued to drive innovation and excellence in the automotive industry. This competition has led to the creation of some of the most remarkable sports cars in history, each brand striving to outdo the other in terms of speed, design, and technological advancement.
Today, Lamborghini and Ferrari are synonymous with luxury, performance, and prestige. Their storied pasts and ongoing rivalry ensure that both brands remain at the forefront of automotive innovation. This competition, born out of a moment of personal affront, has fueled decades of progress and excitement, captivating car enthusiasts around the world. As long as there are roads to drive and dreams to chase, the saga of Lamborghini and Ferrari will continue to inspire and thrill.  *** [EKA [11082019] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | WIKIPEDIA | SCMP | LAMBOCARS | TOPSPEED | FORUM FORZA ]
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