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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Don't be underestimated these 'Mosquito'....!

Is there still a small niche in the world's automotive market for limited-produced supercars, which are more worthy of being on the track, made by a startup manufacturer, which has cost more than US $1 million? Yes, there's a the Czech Republic startup company named Performance Solutions that seems to have a great desire to play in the world's supercars industries.
Performance Solutions 'Mosquito' supercar, a street legal racing car which promises speed performance. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2OBP4eE)
Some time ago, those Czech Republic company revealed its plan to build what is called a street legal racing car. And uniquely, the car will be named "Mosquito". Yep, that is indeed a unique name for a supercar. The Mosquito name itself was once used for the name of a British fighter plane called De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito during the World War II, this aircraft is very famous for its speed and light construction.
Performance Solutions 'Mosquito' supercar in the 'Paint Splash' liveries and only 18 samples will be made later. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2KoFCFQ)
Back to the supercar, this car was designed by Tomáš Sabáček, and in fact the Mosquito supercar was also inspired by the British famous aircraft above in the sense that the car will have a very light construction as well. The result, the Mosquito supercar does have a weight of only 974 kilograms (2,147 lbs), because the whole body is made mostly using carbon fiber materials. And that is the most impressive thing for a supercar that will have power of up to 600 hp (608 PS) and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque from its naturally aspirated V8 engine.
Performance Solutions 'Mosquito' supercar in the 'De Havilland Throwback' liveries is in recognition of the aircraft in WWII era which the vehicle was named after. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2KoFCFQ)
As quoted from Carscoop, Ryan Thoma, as Business Development Manager of Performance Solutions, said that the company had not been chosen the engine yet. Even so, to keep the car's weight low, the engine will be equipped with a single clutch racing gearbox and operated by using paddle shifters.
The Mosquito’s only desire is to lap quicker than its competitors, and in order to do so, it needs to be light on its feet.. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2KoFCFQ)
So, how fast is this Mosquito supercar? The Performance Solutions estimates that the car will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph (62 mph) in 2.9 seconds and will reach a top speed of more than 320 kph (199 mph). Sounds like a good number for a drag race, but will the car's performance number be that good while driving on the racing circuit?

It should be seen at the same performance numbers, because the Mosquito supercar also plans to be equipped with an Active Ride Control system, which according to the company will allow the car's suspension and aerodynamic subsystem to work in the right synchrony, so that it can actively minimize obstacles and maximize downforce in the same time.

From the rendering images, we able to see clearly that the Mosquito supercar displays an aero racing kit with a large rear wing, a large front splitter, and has a middle tail fin as well. Then, the cabin will also look like a racing car in general, thanks to the adjustable dashboard including the head-up display and bucket racing seats which will be built entirely using the carbon fiber materials.
Performance Solutions 'Mosquito' supercar weight would be tipped around 974 kilograms as it would heavily use full carbon fiber body. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2KoFCFQ)
However, the project is currently in an earlier stages, and the company has just begun the car's design phase. There are still 18 months left until the car is completely built. And Performance Solutions plans to make 18 units only of Mosquito supercar, each of which is made according to the buyer's wishes with an estimated price reachs up to 7 digits.
Currently Performance Solutions has also begun to open a path for ordering cars through its official website. And the latest news, the Mosquito supercar will join and compete in the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race in future. Let's wait and see...! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS | CARSCOOPS | DRIVERS MAGAZINE]
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