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Friday, July 5, 2019

The Lotus's first electric-powered car called Evija?

The current electric car market seems to be more promising for most car manufacturers in the world, including Lotus. These British car racing and sports car maker is starting to glance at electric-powered cars to become their newest line up. Reportedly, Lotus will introduce Lotus Type 130 as their newest electric car.
Teaser for Lotus Type 130 electric hypercar. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2xvZ0L7)
The British company has just revealed a silhouette of a car that is claimed to be Type 130. But the new prototype will be introduced in London on this year. To note, the Type 130 is Lotus's new car after more than a decade of absence presenting a new type of car.

As qouted by Driving Electric, the automaker have moves to trademark "Evija" name in the UK under several trademark classes, ranging from toys to vehicle development. And Evija's name follows Lotus's penchant to make their car branding with names starting by the letter 'E,' and given the impending reveal of the electric hypercar, it makes sense that Lotus would want to trademark the electric-powered car's name.

Currently only a car silhouette is available. Lotus itself revealed the prototype is still being developed. "Type 130 will be the most outstanding Lotus product in our dynamic history. This will mark a turning point for our brand and is a demonstration of our capabilities and what will come from Lotus." said CEO of Lotus, Phil Popham, as reported by NewAtlas on April 17, 2019.

The new electric hypercar is currently doing the rounds under the Type 130 code name, which follows an internal naming practice at Lotus. For example, the original Elite of the 1950s was Type 14, while the current Elise, first launched in 1995, was the Type 111.
Latest teaser for Lotus Type 130 electric hypercar. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2JazvWA)
At present some details of the electric hypercar have been revealed, although Lotus has confirmed that only 130 units are destined to be built, each tends to be order by a 7-digit price tag. Production will be handled at Lotus headquarters in Hethel, England, and the shipments will begin in 2020. And the latest teaser photo released on earlier this month shows a panel that includes a charging port.

The car is being developed to help restore Lotus' image as a genuine alternative to Porsche and Ferrari, which aren't expected to have pure electric models available until the middle of the next decade. New parent company Geely is reportedly spending as much as $2 billion on future developments at Lotus, including potentially increasing its stake in the British firm from the current 51 percent. The remainder is owned by Malaysia's Etika Automotive.

Lotus is known to have not released a new model since releasing Lotus Evora in 2008. Since then, the British automotive company has only produced special editions of several existing models, such as the Elise 20th Anniversary, Elise Sport, Elise Sport 220 and so on.
If Lotus is committed to presenting an electric car, of course in the next few months there will be a number of specifications related to Lotus Type 130. Let's wait, how will Lotus present its first electric car in the last 11 years. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LOTUSNEWATLAS | DRIVING ELECTRIC | MOTOR AUTHORITY]
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