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Friday, June 28, 2019

Peek at the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster figure

In 2019 maybe some of you ask, What is the latest sports car from Mercedes-Benz? Yes, this year the German automotive giant is launching their newest sports car of Mercedes-AMG GT series called the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster.
Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2XC62N5)
The Mercedes-AMG GT series is one of Mercedes-Benz's mainstays in the supercar arena. Specially, the row of cars in the Mercedes-AMG series is fairly complete, ranging from a two-door coupe, four doors, to the latest is a roadster.

Apart from the fact that the roof can be opened and closed, there are still a number of other things that make the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster was special. The roof used by the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster consists of three layers of fabric material with a lightweight frame. To support the sporty appearance of the exterior, Mercedes-Benz offers a choice of rim size of 19 or 20 inches, and using yellow colored brake calipers.
Interior view of Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2XC62N5)
If the exterior of the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster look more special, it doesn't happen when we see the interior. The Mercedes-AMG GT R cabin is very identical to another AMG GT series. Starting from the dashboard model, details, to cabin material, everything is exactly the same as other AMG GT models.

Turning to the technical sector, it turns out there is no difference between the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster and the GT R coupe which is the basis. The Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster relies on a 4.0 L V8 engine capable of spewing out power up to 577 hp and 700 Nm of torque.
Rear side view of Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2XC62N5)
The engine with those great-number of  power is combined with a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission technology. The combination of high-performance engine and deft transmission that it uses, makes the Mercedes-AMG claimed to be able to reach speeds of 100 km/h from zero in 3.6 seconds, and has a top speed at 317 km/hour.

Although using an identical of the engine and transmission with the GT R coupe, but there are several technologies on the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster that are made to make this car more enjoyable while driving, as well as sharper and precision handling.
Some of these technologies include dynamic engines and transmission mounts, titanium exhaust and carbon fiber torque tubes, track-focused suspension, active rear-wheel steering, and limited slip rear differentials that are fully controlled via electronic devices.

For those of You who are attracted by the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster figure, You seems to have to buy it immediately. Because the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster is only made as many as 750 units worldwide. Thus, if the 750 unit quota has been sold out, then Mercedes-Benz will no longer made this GT R Roadster. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ]
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