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Friday, January 18, 2019

Weird eight-wheeled sedan

Sedans that we know usually only have 4 wheels. Well ... there's a unique Toyota Vios Limo sedan in Bandung using 8 wheels. This sedan in normal condition is usually used as a taxi. 

How come? It's just a modification, anything can be done. This unique car is a modification car of Gemah Ripah taxi boss, Roni Gunawan. The GridOto team have been tried these weird 8-wheeled Vios Limo some time ago.
Extreme display of eight-wheeled Toyota Vios Limo.. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2Cwv6Zi)
Judging from the outside appearance, imagine that how the construction of 6 wheels on the back that piled up, clearly giving more weight to the car. Of course it has big impact on these 3rd generation Toyota Limo which was originally driven by the front wheel (FWD).

But after it was tested, at first glance there is no significant difference when the car is carried in low speed. Even when passing through a bumpy road, the suspension still functions normally and car pounding due to those bumpy road feels soft. This is thanks to a custom chassis construction that has been modified in such a way that the arrangement of 4 additional wheels at the rear does not interfere the car's suspension performance.
Driving sensation of 8-wheeled Vios Limo. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2Cwv6Zi)
But when tried to do cornering maneuvers, this sedan feels more unsteady. Even when driving at medium speed and trying to stop, the brake performance becomes less optimal. This is due to the weight of the car that is getting heavier.

Even when used in lightweight slalom maneuvers, the car becomes difficult to control because the handbrake performance is also not optimal. When confirmed to the owner it turned out that this was indeed quite disturbing.

"The plan later on the rear wheel that touches the road will also have a hand brake installed. So that the braking process be more maximal," said Roni. This mechanism, if can function optimally, certainly will make the car's safety factor more better.
By the way, this car was drove in the Gemah Ripah Bandung HQ only. This car cannot be brought to the highway because besides the modification process has not been completed, and the car's roadworthiness permit is not taken care yet as well.

Seeing these car modification, only one word can be spoken... Incredible. Yes, that's Bandung people, if not unique, it's not Bandung. Wanna see unique 2-headed Vios Limo, just click. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | GRIDOTO]
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