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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Body becomes a Tree

Have you ever imagined a cemetery area that was originally known with a tense, scary and lonely atmosphere, then turned into a green landscape full of trees, beautiful and harmonious? Actually, there are many ideas that have been initiated to make funeral concepts in the last decade, recently there is one concept that has been widely highlighted and has invited many pros and cons comments. The concept came from Italy.
There's a video that describes the concept of organic graves being viral on social media. And those video was uploaded in the Facebook social media through the "Be Inspired Aspire" pages, and has been watched more than 36 millions times.

The video introduces an environmentally friendly organic burial "coffin" concept to turn tombstone graves into a unique innovation called Capsula Mundi. These Capsula Mundi concept was first put forward by Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretezel, who made a burial pods or called the Capsula Mundi, where these pods serves as a fertilizer for the tree.
Capsula Mundi burial concept. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2KSsVSd)
The idea is to place the body in a position like a fetus in the womb in a biodegradable burial pods. The pods are then planted on the ground with seeds or trees. The seeds are placed in a jar that stores the ashes below with a mixture of soil. In the Bios jar, the seeds that are planted take food from ash when it grows into a tree.

In Twitter, Capsula Mundi uploaded a picture of a tree hugged by someone and added with a little comment. "
My grandma is an oak tree. She chose to do this because she preferred a tree to a tombstone. And when I visit the wood, I feel grandma is still with me," wrote the @capsula_mundi account accompanied by hashtag #lifeneverstops #greenburial #trees. 
It is unfortunate until now the Capsula Mundi are still a concept because many people think it violates the rules and some norms about burying a body under the tree. In addition, not many people who want to buried in such a way and it turns out to cost quite a lot.

And Capsula Mundi claimed, if this idea is practiced, then people will visit the forest as a cemetery to remember their loved ones. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CAPSULA MUNDI]
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