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Friday, August 17, 2018

A jaw-dropping motorcycle with an aircraft engine

A former Formula One driver named Tarso Marques has recently actualized one of his crazy ideas, namely creating a motorcycle with an aircraft engine.

The motorcycle appearance is very 'weird' with two large tires with 36-inch hubless wheels, uses a very large machine and placed in the middle of its body that almost touches the ground.
TMC Dumont, the futuristic motorcycle powered by an aircraft engine with stunning 36-inch hubless wheels. (Picture from: https://dailym.ai/2B9RGJX)
This is it 'TMC Dumont,' the name pinned on these unique motorcycle. With the first three letters, which stands for 'Tarso Marques Concept', and the last name is tributed to Alberto Santos Dumont who was a Brazilian inventor and aviation pioneer.

In addition to its aesthetic and unique models, this motorcycle can actually be operated on the streets. The engine whose placed in the middle of body is a Rolls-Royce Continental V6 engine from the 1960s that was able to spit out the power up to 300 horsepower. Just for info, this kind of engines are usually mounted on Cessna plane models.
A former Formula One driver named Tarso Marques has recently actualized a motorcycle with an aircraft engine named TMC Dumont. (Picture from: https://dailym.ai/2B9RGJX)
As soon as the engine is turned on and at the same time you can heard its blaring sound. Because of this motorcycle model has a very low ground clearence - even at first glance it looks almost in contact with the ground - so the use of this motorcycle is also limited to flat roads.
Describing his creation as 'the most expressive event of customisation in the world', Marques says the vehicle is the culmination of years of planning. (Picture from: https://dailym.ai/2B9RGJX)
When used on roads with a slightly bumpy or holey condition can be fatal to the motorcycle. Not to mention the front tires that might obstruct vision and the rear tires that were installed only a few cm from the riders' back. It's became complicated matters for you who seek comfortablity when ride a motorcycle.
Even its 36-inch hubless wheels described as 'the largest wheels ever made for a motorcycle.' (Picture from: https://dailym.ai/2B9RGJX)
Although riding these motorcycle far from comfort, however it must be admitted that the motorcycle has a strange and spectacular appearance, look like it coming from the future. Of its odd looking has made this motorcycle grabs the "Best in Show" title in the 77th Daytona Bike Week held in March 2018.
Let us give it time and see if the motorbike will roll out for sale by next year. One thing we are sure of is that the TMC Dumont has changed and gave different color to the world's motorcycle customization industry.

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