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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

These strange concept car named Sbarro Autobau

THE Stingray There's a lot of cars that have been present in the automotive world today. But who would have thought from the millions of cars was tucked into one-off concept car that has unclear model, even arguably tacky. And more than that, if these concept car can be seen most adopt its model from various car models in the world. Apparently these strange concept car named Sbarro Autobau Concept.
Sbarro Autobau Concept at the event of Geneva Auto Show 2010. (Picture from: Autoblog)
This sole concept car first appeared in front of the automotive enthusiasts on the event of Geneva Motor Show 2010. There's the humanist side on these car, it turn out the car was deliberately created as a tribute from Franco Sbarro to his friend who is a former Swiss racer named Fredy Lienhard who has won race 24 Hours of Daytona in 2002.
Sbarro Autobau Concept does not has the door as found on the car in general. (Picture from: Autoblog)
Extract from the booklet distributed at the Geneva Motor Show 2010: "Autobau is a tribute to my friend Fredy Lienhard for its success in international competition as well as his professional and personal lives. I hope that this interpretation is worthy of wonders it has captured a year ago, with fireworks. A lifetime of passion and work."
Interior view of Sbarro Autobau Concept. (Picture from: Autoblog)
And as reported from Autoblog, these one-off concept car has a weight about 1,500 kg. Seen from the front section, some say the car like a Lamborghini single seater supercar. It is not clear what the car's designer intention with a stingray-like shape installed on the front.

Yes, it looks like the Lamborghini Egoista by adopting a stingray-like shape and 2 holes in the front, but the difference is the hole of Sbarro Autobau almost coincide. Those holes serves as a means of air intake to meet the aerodynamic factors? Not clear also.
Right side view of Sbarro Autobau Concept. (Picture from: Autoblog)
Further on the pillars of A to C there are like the trim. And not clear, what is the function of these trim. Uniquely we will not find the door as found on the car in general, it turns out these concept car is applying the hydraulic system to lift the roof forward and serves as the access into the car's cabin. A closer look reveals into the cabin, there's a striking interior in red alcantara and black metal.
Rear side view of Sbarro Autobau Concept. (Picture from: Autoblog)
On the rear section, it looks like a racing car of the 70s that apply 4 exhausts. While at the stern also there is no bumper but only pinned a series of device that resembles a spoiler on the left and right. But still not understood what the function of the device.
But do not underestimate it eventhough look weird, turn out the Sbarro Autobau was using a Ferrari V12 engine that can generate power of 500 Hp. But unfortunately there's no detailed explanation of the Sbarro Autobau engine.

The Autobau, like many Sbarro's one-off, is a car that has its own personality, beyond time and fashion. As well as an example of automotive endangered which does not deal with marketing, practical sense or rationality. A fun car, unique, strange and far from crisis. *** [EKA [14102017] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTOBLOG | GTPLANET]
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