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Friday, October 20, 2017

Nissan BladeGlider's electric car comes in a Sport style

Currently, almost all the world's automotive companies are making electric-powered vehicles with futuristic styles, as well as Nissan that created 'Nissan BladeGlider.' Yes, Nissan BladeGlider is a futuristic vehicle that is the result of the development of the concept of vehicles that have been launched first at the Tokyo Auto Show 2013. 
Nissan BladeGlider Concept. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2yBb4dU)
The prototype also has been came to Brazil in 2016 ago as a symbol of future vehicles technology that combines the intelligent mobility, environmentally friendly and driving capabilities like a sports car.

Carlos Ghosn as President and Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. explains that Nissan believes the future society will be looking ahead to zero emissions, where Nissan BladeGlider was developed as an embodiment of environmentally friendly electric vehicles. This car combines zero emission drive system with high performance in the form of a revolutionary sports design car.

Yes, this futuristic vehicle has a dimension that is 4,300 mm long, 1,850 mm wide, and 1,300 mm high, and weighs about 1,300 kg. And the Nissan BladeGlider still maintains its agility vision as the word "Glide" contained in its name which means gliding with the performance of electric-powered powertrain that blends nicely with an aerodynamic shape design.
The Nissan BladeGlider's body design itself shaped like a sword with a smaller in the front and a larger rear. On the roof of the car can also be opened and closed again. You will look more cool if you driving this car with a design that looks tapered at the front. This car gives its own comfort when cornering.
In the cabin there are two trim colors namely Cyber ​​Green and Stealth Orange located at the top of the chair, and designed with reflective silver material that gives an eye-catching and sporty impression. For the seats are made in black by using the material patterned green trim and orange in the pads. Interestingly, Nissan BladeGlider uses the scissor-doors as well as in the Lamborghini or Ferrari.

Nissan BladeGlider can accommodate up to three people, one person in front acting as driver and two others as passengers. This car guarantees the comfort of the passengers with a spacious cabin space so that in the journey, passenger can straighten their legs.
From the electric motors can generate power of 130 kiloWatt or equivalent to 208 horsepower, and its electric motor is also capable of spurring these car to run up to a maximum speed of more than 190 km/h with the acceleration of 0-100 km/h which can be realized in less 5 seconds. Surely, You will be amazed by the car's incredible charm! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | NISSAN NEWS]
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