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Friday, April 28, 2023

Is this car lost in time?

Unique ONES Here's one of the best retro-modded Camaro 789 SS, a custom car was built on top of any 5th-gen Camaro Convertible by N2A Motors.
Retro-modded N2A Camaro 789 SS. (Picture from: CarScoops)
As quoted from Carscoops, the car's project goal was to take all the best things about the classic, retro and modern sports cars into one new vehicle with the state of the art performance, safety, and reliability.
Modern dashboard of Retro-modded N2A Camaro 789 SS. (Picture from: CarScoops)
When we see the exterior at glance is reminiscent of the classic 1957, 58 and 59 Chevy cars, uniquely the car body is built of carbon fiber composites to resemble the classical models, which is where the name '789' comes from.
Rear side view of Retro-modded N2A Camaro 789 SS. (Picture from: CarScoops)
According to the builders, the car conversion results nicknames such as 789 SS, or 789 ZL or 2SS depends entirely on the performance level of the donor vehicles. Previously, the team N2A Motors has been using the name 789 built on a C6 Corvette in coupe, targa or convertible as well as a 789 XLR is certainly built on a Cadillac XLR with a retractable hard top.
Do you feel that this 789 SS looks a bit strange that has the look of a classic exterior and modern interior at the same time? Whatever it is I think the car is really very beautiful. Currently, they are looking into converting the 2016 and 2017 models and if you are interested to see what that would look like, the custom builder would kindly ask you to stay tuned. *** [EKA [10092016] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | N2A MOTORS | CARSCOOPS ]
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