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Friday, February 19, 2016

Who would have thought this supercar created by handmade?

Who would have thought Rob Tempero, a man from New Zealand are capable of producing the famous supercar which until now being hunted by the classic supercar collectors in the world.

Through his creativity, Rob actually realizing his dream car by not to spend a lot of money, but by hone his ability to make the dream car by his own hands.
A replica version of Ferrari 250 GTO made by Rob Tempero. (PIcture from: http://bit.ly/20PdOzb)
As quoted from the Speed ​​Society, in a video that is showing this man working on several stages of the process in building a replica version of Ferrari 250 GTO which is only produced no more than 39 units in the world.

To make the body in accordance with the original look, Rob uses wood that is formed in accordance with the sketch of the Ferrari 250 GTO, the wood is used as a molding in order to form the body of those expensive classic supercar.

After the wooden model is formed and in accordance with the original look, then Rob using a plate adapted to the shape of the wooden models that were previously established. From every part of the body are then joined together to become one of the car body intact.

To strengthen the body, the internal frame also specifically designed by Rob, so that the body has a maximum structural strength. Once all parts of the body and frame finished, then he put a V12 engine that can give off power to 320 hp at 7,500 rpm.
Glance, in the road test conducted by Rob, the Ferrari 250 GTO being ridden is not the original supercar, but a replica version of the classic racing cars that built by handmade. Unfortunately, Rob did not mention how much it cost to build a replica version of Ferrari 250 GTO. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SPEED SOCIETY]
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