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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

George King's Dream Car

By entrusted the modification process of one of George King's dream cars (1934 Ford Coupé Hot Rod) to a Colorado-based auto workshop named The Forge to built it from scratch.

"George came to our workshop with the request to built his childhood dream car. Beginning the story goes, since childhood he has liked the hot rod cars with his father while they were stop by the gas station. At the time, he saw a coupé hot rod 1934. For him it was the real hot rod, so we realize his dream by adding a couple of the latest technology," said Josh Allison of The Forge by an e-mail.
George King's 1934 Coupé Hot Rod by The Forge. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1Q4hZka)
To modify it, Josh admitted that require a long time ie 18 months, where the process starts from the car frame. To make it quite complicated, the car front section made tapered so later that the machine will look like came out of the body. While in the back is made widened and later rounded so obtained the vintage impression.
Left side view of George King's 1934 Coupé Hot Rod by The Forge. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1Q4hZka)
Once the car frame is successfully created, Winters quick change rear end (rear axle) and front-wheel drive shaft applied. This causes an aggressive look with the low stance concept appeared.

"After that, we started to pair the 1953 392 Hemi engine, and connect it with other drive components," he explained. This is where the real hot rod impression actually obtained. Where looked, its large-sized machine came out of the front body.

After installing the machine, then its legs pinned. To the rear, Josh admitted using coil over. Obviously this is intended to get the flat looks that can be adjusted its height. While at the front wearing conventional shock absorbers alongside with the dropped axels to get the vintage looks.
Top view of George King's 1934 Coupé Hot Rod by The Forge. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1Q4hZka)
Although appearing as an old car, the latest technology installation must be done to ensure the driving safety and comfort. Therefore, the braking system of classic hot rod uses disc brakes at the front and drums at the rear.

The process is continued with the car body installation. Its front body or engine room has long profile with 6 stands out points. While the central part, the car roof with the louvers profile (perforated), so was the car trunk door.

"The rest just attach a custom-made parts such as the fuel tank cap, fuel tank and car license plate holder. Interestingly this plate holder allows users to hide the car's license plate. So when the car participated in the auto show, the car license can be easily concealed," said Josh.
The next step was installed the exhaust system. The Colorado-based workshop is using a modified stainless steel exhaust that laid along the bottom of the car body and has a large sized.

"Of these, the most difficult but the coolest one was furnish the car interior. Because the interior is made of full customized aluminum. It took a very long time to design, shape and attach the aluminum plate into the cabin," he explained.
After all the processes done, the last stage of the modification process was paint the car body. The dark blue color was the car owner choice. To apply the paint, earlier entire car's body had sandblasted and then sprayed with paint and coatings.

"This car is very unique, because there is the use of several interesting components, such as the 392 Hemi engine equipped with Hillborn injection system, full custom handmade aluminum interior, and full custom stainless steel exhaust system," he concluded. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | THE FORGE | OTOSIA.COM]
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