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Saturday, October 15, 2022

The world's tiniest and unique cars

Tiniest&Uniquest The mini sized cars have many advantages compared to a regular size car. For example, if you parked the mini car, it would be easier because it does not need a large place, very efficient and comfortable to driven at high or low speed. Especially it suitable for those wishing to drive a car while relaxing enjoying the surrounding sceneries during your travelling.
Have you ever seen such a unique and tiny car like this before? This is Fuldamobil 250. (Picture from: FuldaMobil.de)
But of course the small cars that will be discussed this time is not like the world's tiniest car as you've seen on the video below, which has a very small size compared than a grain of rice. After all, who can be the driver of such a small car.😄
Of course we could be understandable that the mini cars have less power compared to the normal-sized car. But, although there are still shortcomings in it, the mini car still has its own privileges for the their fans. Here are SIX of the tiniest and unique cars in the world today:

1. Pasquali Riscio
Pasquali Riscio is the smallest electric car. So small, when the car is parked only require a parking space equivalent to two motorcycles.
Pasquali Riscio Elettrico mini car. (Picture from: Mapplebuddy in Flickr)
Pasquali Riscio was first made in Italy, and to drive this car in these pizza country, you do not need a driving license because the car's average speed is only 40 km/h.

2. Myers Sparrow
Myers Sparrow is the smallest and most unique cars in the world, because in addition to its small size, the car's model also similar to half curved of the Donald Duck head. This mini car powered by lithium-ion batteries and available in one and two-door models.
Myers Sparrow mini car. (Picture from: SemiSena)
Amazingly, the car can be driven up to a maximum speed reaches 112 km/h. It's very fast isn't for its kind?

3. Honda N600
Honda N600 is the first Honda cars assembled outside Japan. In 1969, this car introduced in the United States, and sales stopped in 1972 after successfully sold as much as 25 units.
Honda N600 mini car. (Picture from: AutoMotorKlassiek)
Honda N600 speeds reaching 130 km/h, so this car is known as the most unique small car and the fastest in his time.

4. Reva G-Wiz
The Reva G-Wiz car renowned has many variants with the garish colors, such as mauve, teal and neon. When viewed at a glance, this electric-powered car looks like a shoe. 
Reva G-Wiz mini car. (Picture from: LifTruck.co)
To be sure, do not use this car exceeds 76 km because these cars will be broke down if it exceeds the range and should be charged its battery.

5. Buddy Cab
One of the most unique small cars ever is the Buddy Cab car. These cars mostly found in Norway and produced since 1991.
Buddy Cab mini car. (Picture from: UpTenList)
Buddy Cab cars can be boarded up to 3 adults in it. The car is driven by electric power, at single charge it can reach up to 56 km.

6. Fuldamobil
Elektromaschinenbau Fulda GmbH, a German company who produced the Fuldamobil mini cars since 1950. Uniquely, the two wheels at the rear are very close, so that from a distance looks only one wheel. This mini car is fairly rare because it only produced as many as 123 units.
Fuldamobil mini car. (Picture from: CarType)
How's about all of these tiniest and unique cars above? They're really tiny and very unique and only a few were sold in the world today. If you want to have it, get your money bag and let's go hunt them, And we could only be wished for your Luck to have them.💫 *** [EKA [10112015] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | FULDAMOBIL | CARTYPE | UPTENLIST | LIFTRUCK.CO | AUTOMOTORKLASSIEK ]
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