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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Now, the electric car can also sounded sexy on the road

The electric cars should welcome a greener future in the automotive industry, but the zero-emission car has one drawback, they have no sound, so that pedestrians  or other road users can not hear the arrival of electric cars.
Synth maker Roland will partner with GLM to make the artificial engine sound of the ZZ electric sports car model (pictured) sound 'neo-futuristic', and give drivers the experience of 'driving a space ship'. (Picture from: DailyMail)
But now a Japanese company would change that by linking the electric vehicle to the synthesizer to notify the arrival of electric cars with a sound like a petrol car or a spaceship.

The sound function and play an important role for the safety of pedestrians and other road users, which is why a synthesizer specialist company, Roland has been working together with GLM to make the kit on the GLM ZZ electric car model with 'neo-futuristic' sound system.
The synthesiser (pictured) will use input from Japan’s first mass-marketed electric sports car, the ZZ, to produce sounds that reflect what the engine is doing, just like a petrol engine but without the emissions. (Picture from: DailyMail)
This synthesizer will use the input from the GLM ZZ, the first electric sports car that mass marketed in Japan to produce a sound that reflects what the machine do, such as a petrol engine, but without the emissions.
"Supernatural synthesizer technology innovative of Roland will energize the ZZ model's sound system with dynamic sound and dramatically smooth depending on the driving real-time situation such as acceleration, deceleration, and variants of motor load in the tilt," Roland said in a statement, as quoted by the Daily Mail, recently. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DAILYMAIL]
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