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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Next-Gen Concept: Car That Splits into Twin Motorcycles!

Weird ONES - Dreams of owning a car that seamlessly transforms into a pair of powerful motors may no longer be confined to the realms of imagination. Enter the Lane Splitter, a groundbreaking concept car that brings this dream to life, courtesy of the innovative minds Chipp Walters of Argodesign, as reported by Gizmag. Drawing inspiration from eclectic sources such as the iconic Batman Tumbler and the visionary work of Syd Mead, the Lane Splitter concept is a testament to the fusion of creativity and cutting-edge design.
The Lane Splitter concept is an awesome concept car that splits into two motorcycles. (Picture from: ArgoDesign)
At the core of the Lane Splitter's uniqueness are its hubless wheels, designed in pairs to enhance stability during intricate maneuvers. The concept also features a retractable roof, serving as a convenient entry point for passengers. With two seats and a maneuverable steering system, the Lane Splitter seamlessly transitions from a car to a motorcycle, embodying a dimension of 128 inches (325 cm) with an asymmetrical silhouette.
The Lane Splitter concept was designed by Chipp Walters Argodesign. (Picture from: Gizmag)
The process of docking and undocking is ingeniously simplified with the push of a button. Docking connectors strategically positioned at the front and rear facilitate the seamless integration of the two-wheeled mode. An automated docking mechanism, complete with a small landing wheel, ensures stability and alignment during the transformation – a technological marvel reminiscent of auto-parking features found in modern cars.
The Lane Splitter concept takes the form of a buggy-like vehicle when in car-mode. (Picture from: Gizmag)
In motorcycle mode, the Lane Splitter transforms into two smaller wheels, enhancing its stability. The reintegration of these wheels occurs effortlessly when the motor is assembled back into its car form. The electric motor, embedded in the rear wheel, provides the necessary power to propel this futuristic concept forward.
The wheels of the Lane Splitter concept separate slightly when in bike-mode for increased stability. (Picture from: Gizmag)
The Lane Splitter emerged from Wilson's Creative Director for a Day initiative and made its debut just in time for the prestigious New York Auto Show 2015. This groundbreaking concept car not only pushes the boundaries of conventional design but also hints at a future where versatility and innovation seamlessly coexist on the roads.
As we marvel at the Lane Splitter's transformative capabilities, it beckons us to envision a future where the lines between cars and motorcycles blur, and vehicles become dynamic expressions of creativity and functionality. The road ahead holds endless possibilities, where the dream of a car that effortlessly morphs into a pair of motors becomes a tangible reality, promising a thrilling journey into the unknown.

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