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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Genty Akylone: Unveiling French's Hidden Gem Supercar

Rare BEAST - In the world of supercars, few nations evoke the same sense of automotive excellence as France. From the legendary Bugatti Veyron to other remarkable creations, the French automotive industry has ceaselessly pushed the boundaries of innovation. Among these awe-inspiring feats, the Genty Akylone emerges as a testament to French engineering prowess, crafted by Genty Automobile, a distinguished name in the realm of supercar manufacturing.
2015 Genty Akylone. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
Genty Automobile founded by a French entrepreneur named Frederic Genty, and has embarked on an ambitious journey to bring the Akylone to life in 2015. The blueprint envisions a factory nestled in the charming town of St Pourcain sur Sioule, situated in the heart of France. This visionary move echoes the company's commitment to producing a supercar worthy of global recognition while paying homage to its homeland.
2015 Genty Akylone with its compartments open. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
The very essence of the Genty Akylone lies in its design, boasting a carbon composite chassis fortified with aluminum monoblock elements. This ingenious construction culminates in a tripartite body structure, effectively segregating the front, middle, and rear sections. Notably, the Akylone measures 4,467 mm in length, 2,050 mm in width, and rests on a 2,780 mm wheelbase. Remarkably, the supercar's svelte frame weighs a mere 1,100 kg (2,400 lbs), an attribute owed in no small part to the carbon chassis that underpins its exceptional performance.
Rear view of 2015 Genty Akylone. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
Under the hood, the Genty Akylone harbors a powerhouse worthy of its sculpted exterior. After two years of meticulous refinement, Genty has endowed the Akylone with a 366 CID V8 engine, accompanied by twin turbos. The fruits of this labor manifest in staggering figures—a mammoth 1,200 bhp of power and a tire-shredding 861 ft-lbs (1,167 Nm) of torque. This raw energy is elegantly channeled to the rear wheels through a seamless seven-speed sequential transmission system, promising an exhilarating driving experience.
However, the Akylone's prowess transcends mere numbers. Its lightning-quick acceleration from 0 to 100 kph (62 mph) in a mere 2.7 seconds catapults it into an elite league of performance vehicles. The supercar's top speed soars to an awe-inspiring 354 kph (220 mph), cementing its status as a true speed demon. It's worth noting that the Akylone's exclusivity aligns with its extraordinary capabilities; production is limited to a select few, with just around 15 units slated for creation. 
In a landscape where supercars vie for supremacy, the Genty Akylone stands as a quintessential embodiment of French engineering finesse. Its meticulously crafted carbon chassis, potent powertrain, and staggering performance metrics converge to redefine the supercar narrative. As Genty Automobile marches forward, its dedication to pushing boundaries and crafting automotive legends further solidifies France's indomitable presence on the global supercar stage. *** [EKA [26122014] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | GENTY AUTOMOBILE | NEWATLAS | EVO.CO.UK ]
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