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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Venocara, How are You today?

After some time ago on this blog have been featured on Hussarya article, one of the best supercars produced by Polish automotive manufacturers, Arrinera. When I look some pictures at the manufacturer official wbesite gallery, which contains some beautiful supercar pictures but has no name. This supercar has a body design that is charming and so interesting to find out more, eventually I tried to find the supercar information in cyberspace. And finally found... Here is the article :-)
Arrinera Venocara supercar concept. (Picture from: http://speedlux.com/)
Before the supercar is produced by Arrinera Automotive, it's only published in the computer rendered images, but now as reported by Worldcarfans on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 Arrinera Automotive has been showing the actual shape of the charming Polish supercar. And of the Polish supercar manufacturer official website as we've seen today this super car has no-named, but based on a few sites such as Top Speed​​, Motor Authority, and others turned out super car is named Venocara.
Front view of Arrinera supercar concept. (Picture from: http://www.arrinera.com/)
That idea was turned on its head when pictures and a video of the car on public roads surfaced and a big name in the automotive arena was dropped. Lee Noble has an extensive resume. His work on the Ultima MkI sparked the interest of McLaren, which then used two Ultima chassis in the development of the F1.
Left side view of Arrinera supercar concept. (Picture from: http://www.arrinera.com/)
Noble went on to create Noble Automotive, which produced the M12 sports car. In 2006, he sold the company and has since gone on to start Fenix Automotive. The Arrinera is the latest project to incorporate his name, although he reportedly owns a modest 5 percent stake. At first glance, this supercar does look similar to a Lamborghini Murcielago with a sporty look and a touch of the exotic and flowing lines to support the aerodynamics of this car while driving on the streets.

Interior view of Arrinera supercar concept. (Picture from: http://www.arrinera.com/)
Behind its beautiful body that has a ZR1's 6.2-liter V-8 engine that is able to show bursts of power up to 638 horsepower and peak torque to 604 lb-ft. The mid-mounted engine mostly likely powers the rear wheel through GM’s six-speed manual transmission. The engine is also protected by a lightweight tubular chassis of a mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber and then wrapped in carbon-kevlar material that eventually formed the whole car body.
Rear view of Arrinera supercar concept. (Picture from: http://www.arrinera.com/)
Arrinera says inspiration for the car’s design comes from the radar-evading stealth fighter aircraft. However, there is no denying the Lamborghini styling cues, which, to name just a few, include an Reventon-esque front end, Gallardo-like rear intakes, and vents ahead of the rear wheels that are similar to those on the Murcielago.

Arrinera asserts that the cabin will be adorned in only the finest handcrafted leather and carbon fiber and highlighted with aluminum trim. The supercar also includes a thermal imaging camera that scans the road ahead and displays any items of a higher temperature on a central display. Access to the Arrinera's supercar is through a pair of scissor doors, fitting considering the look of the car.
Meanwhile, on the car legs is supported and accented by 19-inch rims at the front axle and 20-inch rims at the rear, which is combined with the ceramic disc brakes are responsible for stopping the car. But till today has not looked this Venocara supercar got into the Polish manufacturer production line. It is unfortunate if this beautiful supercar to end at the prototype stage only. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ARRINERA | VENO | WORLDCARFANS | MOTOR AUTHORITY | TOP SPEED]
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