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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Venocara, How are You today?

Unique ONES - A while back, we delved into the world of supercars through an intriguing article on the Hussarya, a gem crafted by the skilled hands of Polish automotive manufacturers, Arrinera. As I perused the captivating images on the manufacturer's official website gallery, an unnamed beauty caught my eye. Eager to unveil the mysteries behind this enchanting supercar, I embarked on a virtual quest to gather more information. After some digital exploration, success was mine. Here's the scoop on the unnamed beauty:
Arrinera Venocara supercar concept. (Picture from: http://speedlux.com/)
Before Arrinera Automotive brought this supercar into existence, it existed merely in computer-rendered images. Fast forward to Tuesday, June 14, 2011, and the tables turned. Arrinera Automotive unveiled the tangible form of this captivating Polish supercar. However, the mystery remained, as the supercar bore no name on the manufacturer's official website. After some sleuthing on sites like Top Speed, Motor Authority, and more, it was revealed—the supercar goes by the name Venocara.
Front view of Arrinera supercar concept. (Picture from: http://www.arrinera.com/)
The plot thickened when images and a video surfaced, showcasing the car gracefully navigating public roads. A significant name in the automotive realm was dropped into the mix—Lee Noble. Noble, renowned for his work on the Ultima MkI, piqued McLaren's interest, leading to the use of two Ultima chassis in the development of the iconic F1.
Left side view of Arrinera supercar concept. (Picture from: http://www.arrinera.com/)
Post Ultima, Noble founded Noble Automotive, birthing the M12 sports car. In 2006, he parted ways with the company, going on to establish Fenix Automotive. The Arrinera project became the latest venture bearing his name, albeit with a reported modest 5 percent ownership. At first glance, the Venocara echoes the aesthetics of a Lamborghini Murcielago, boasting a sporty allure and exotic, flowing lines that enhance its aerodynamics on the streets.
Interior view of Arrinera supercar concept. (Picture from: http://www.arrinera.com/)
Beneath the mesmerizing body lies the beating heart—a ZR1's 6.2-liter V-8 engine, capable of unleashing 638 horsepower and a peak torque of 604 lb-ft. Nestled in the midsection, this powerhouse propels the rear wheels through GM’s six-speed manual transmission. Safeguarded by a lightweight tubular chassis blending aluminum and carbon fiber, wrapped in carbon-kevlar material, the entire car takes form.
Rear view of Arrinera supercar concept. (Picture from: http://www.arrinera.com/)
Arrinera claims inspiration for the car's design stems from radar-evading stealth fighter aircraft. Yet, the undeniable Lamborghini styling cues, reminiscent of the Reventon and Gallardo, grace the front and rear of the supercar. Vents ahead of the rear wheels bear a resemblance to those on the Murcielago.

The cabin, according to Arrinera, promises a luxurious experience with handcrafted leather, carbon fiber accents, and aluminum trim. A thermal imaging camera, scanning the road ahead and displaying hotter items on a central screen, adds a touch of advanced tech. Access to this supercar is granted through scissor doors, a fitting choice for a car of such visual allure.
On the supercar's legs stand 19-inch rims at the front and 20-inch rims at the rear, complemented by ceramic disc brakes to ensure prompt halts. Yet, as of today, the Venocara has not made its way into the production line of the Polish manufacturer. It would be a shame if this stunning supercar were to remain confined to the prototype stage. Awaiting the day when it graces the roads, the Venocara stands as a testament to Arrinera's prowess in the world of automotive marvels. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ARRINERA | VENO | WORLDCARFANS | MOTOR AUTHORITY | TOP SPEED ]
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