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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Banana peels for Shampoo

Chemistry students team of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (F-MIPA), Yogyakarta State University (Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta/UNY) utilizing banana peel as materials for a natural shampoo.

"The skin of the banana (Musa paradisiaca) is one of the natural ingredients that it contains 14.28 percent potassium. Potential of the potassium content can be developed for the natural shampoo," says Wijayanti, Team leader in Yogyakarta, on Monday, December 20, 2013.

According to her, the shampoo out of banana peels were made from the skin of plantain and banana kepok as fairly easy to obtain. The study is the first stage of making shampoo from plantain skin. The first procedure is to choose a good banana skin and not moldy. In making the shampoo used two kgs wet weighing of the banana peels.

Banana peels.
After the banana peels is cleaned and dried under direct sunlight in order to dry completely to facilitate the combustion process. Weight of dried banana peels around 700 grams. The next step is to burn the banana peel to be fired and immediately put into a bucket containing two liters of water. The marinade is left for seven days.

After seven days, it looks blackish brown liquid. The black color is caused by banana peels charcoal filtering that should be done, and the resulting filtrate was then given activated charcoal which is expected to absorb the color brown color so that the view more clearly.

"After being left for two days, the color becomes yellowish liquid that feels slippery which can be used as a shampoo. Known that the shampoo pH of the test is 11.5 which means the shampoo is base," she said.

She said the second phase of the study is the making of a banana kepok peels shampoo. Procedure and the same amount of material used to manufacture shampoo from plantain skin. However, the second study did not use activated charcoal because of the resulting liquid is not too brown and not too muddy.

Acidity level of a banana kepok peels shampoo it is 11 that also means it is alkaline products. "Having both types of chemically tested shampoo is completed, the next is passed organoleptic testing and acceptance. Organoleptic test is a test based on human senses," she said.

According to her, for these banana peels shampoo products, the parameters tested are color and odor. From the test results, both types of shampoo color tends to yellow-brown while the smell test revealed no smell. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ROL]
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