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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Peugeot Onyx Concept Scooter

If we heard Peugeot, definitely the name was not foreign anymore. The French's car manufacturer is also popular with the scooter products. Most of the scooter models marketed only in Europe.

With the intention to be more advanced in the motorcycle industry, Peugeot also has a scooter concept that has been on display at the Paris Motor Show 2012.
Peugeot Onyx scooter concept. (Picture from: http://www.autoblog.com/)
The scooter concept is a nice companion of Onyx supercar concept, that came with the same name, namely Onyx Supertrike. In accordance its calls as a trike, then it has three wheels. There's one in the back, and two in front. And at first glance looks similar to the Piaggio MP3.
Right side view of Peugeot Onyx scooter concept. (Picture from: http://www.autoblog.com/)
But the difference, Onyx Supertrike has a very large hump tank in the middle section. This hump serves as a transformer of Onyx Supertrike. If installed, this bike look more sporty like motor sport. But when the hump is removed, this bike looks like a scooter that is comfortable to drive. Comes with the appearance of a combination of natural black carbon fiber and the polished copper on its body side.
Left side view of Peugeot Onyx scooter concept. (Picture from: http://www.kicker.de/)
This scooter can be ridden with two option modes, namely Sport and Urban. If you want to drive it in Sport mode, it meant to be like a spur of the motorcycle, the body and legs slightly forward. In contrast, when using the Urban mode or scooter, the body position slightly to the rear.

The rear and front wheels uses 200/50-R17 tires. The use of wheel diameter of 17" was nice enough to offset the power of the 400 cc engine that is embedded on it. Maximum speed of the supertrike reportedly capable of reaching 150 kph (93.21 mph).

Onyx Supertrike powered by a hybrid system consisting of a 400 cc conventional combustion engine and an electric motor that produces 60 PS (45 kW) of power and a torque of 57 Nm with fuel consumption 2 litres/100 km.
When using pure electrical energy, for a single battery charge it could be ridden for a distance of 30 km (18.64 miles). Furthermore, when relying on the gasoline from the tank, can be for a distance of 500 km (310.69 miles). (See Onyx supercar concept). *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTOBLOG]
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