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Friday, June 24, 2022

Suzuki's Hydrogen powered motorcycle

ECO FriendlY Given the depletion of fossil fuels, making the man trying to find fuel alternatives. No exception to the world automotive industry also vying to make automotive products that use alternative fuels. When the use of pure electric energy or hybrid (combined with gasoline or diesel engines) an option taken by most automotive industry for their vehicles. Apparently there is another alternative fuels that can be combined with electric power to drive the motor vehicle, namely hydrogen.
The hydrogen-fueled Suzuki Crosscage hybrid motorcycle concept has debuted at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. (Picture from: Bikenet)
So on this occasion we will discuss hydrogen powered hybrid vehicle. This Hydrogen-powered hybrid motorcycle is made ​​by Suzuki and given named Suzuki Crosscage Hybrid Motorcycle concept. To make this concept motorcycle, Suzuki cooperating with the British company, Intelligent Energy, which make this a great collaboration since Intelligent Enegy has its own hydrogen generation plants.
Side view of Suzuki Crosscage Hybrid Motorcycle concept. (Picture from: Tuvie)
Inteligent Energy has a portfolio that includes a range of world-class fuel cell, fuel processing, desulphurization and hydrogen generation technologies. The company's existing home hydrogen generation system means you'll be able to make your own hydrogen at home. This hybrid motorcycle first appeared on the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show along with its sibling called Suzuki Biplane Concept.

Front view of Suzuki Crosscage Hybrid 
Motorcycle concept. (Picture from: Tuvie)
The Suzuki Crosscage Hybrid Motorcycle concept is a fuel-cell motorcycle in which a simple, compact, lightweight air-cooled fuel-cell system and a high-performance secondary battery are brought together in a way that realizes optimal power control.

A fuel-cell unit from the British specialist company such as the Intelligent Energy that delivers quick activation with low fuel consumption, and a lithium-ion battery combines safety with a low environmental burden.

The simplicity, compactness, and lightness of these technologies not only make the crosscage environment-friendly; they also helped enable sporty styling befitting the Suzuki name.

Intelligent Energy as the makers of the ENV bike, (say "en-vee") a fuel-cell and electric hybrid bike. The Crosscage concept uses Intelligent Energy’s thin-membrane-construction fuel cells and a lithium-ion battery (unlike the ENV, which uses lead-acid batteries), to "combine safety with a low environmental burden," according to the Suzuki press release.
Fuel diagram of Suzuki Crosscage Hybrid Motorcycle concept. (Picture from: NewATlas)
The ENV was powered by a 6kW 48 volt motor and with energy supplied from Intelligent Energy's 1 kW hydrogen fuel cell, was capable of 50 mph (80 kph) and by the time it reached market, was forecast to be able to reach most speed limits and exceed its then range of 100 miles (160 kilometers).
Panel indicators of Suzuki Crosscage Hybrid Motorcycle concept. (Picture from: Tuvie)
The Crosscage, for all its devilish good looks, cannot be expected to perform any better than speed limits, and having no extra performance up your sleeve

Rear view of Suzuki Crosscage Hybrid 
Motorcycle concept. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
Not much information is circulating about this bike, but this bike is obviously already using compressed hydrogen fuel is equivalent to 125cc petrol engine and using an automatic transmission. This motorcycle using Michellin tires with 17-inches rims. The indicator panel have been using a combination of the analog and digital.

Despite the eco-friendly copy, the bike looks performance-oriented, and the chassis is as unique as the drive system. The Crosscage's design uses large-diameter tubing and a unique center brace on each side. The front and rear wheels use single-sided swingarms, and overall there is an emphasis on light weight, which should equate to good handling, not to mention longer battery life.

Hydrogen as a cheap, readily available fuel source is many years away, so don’t look for a bike like this in showrooms soon. But as a message that Suzuki can design environmentally conscious vehicles that are still sporty and fun to ride, the Crosscage is loud and clear.
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