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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Revolutionizing Urban Commuting: Lambretta Elettra Takes Center Stage

New Electric Scooter - In the ever-evolving landscape of two-wheeled transportation, electric scooters have taken the spotlight, following Piaggio's introduction of the Vespa Elettrica at EICMA 2016. The latest contender in the electric scooter realm is Lambretta, unveiling its electrifying creation, the Lambretta Elettra, at the EICMA 2023 exhibition in Milan, Italy recently. 
The latest contender in the electric scooter realm is Lambretta, unveiling its electrifying creation, the Lambretta Elettra, at the EICMA 2023 exhibition in Milan, Italy recently. (Picture from: Motorplus-Online)
According to recent updates on the RideApart, Lambretta emphasizes that the production iteration of the Elettra will closely mirror the conceptual version, shying away from labeling it a mere concept. Positioned as a pre-production model currently undergoing testing, the Elettra promises to reshape the future of urban commuting.
The Lambretta Elettra seamlessly blends classic charm with modern features like LED lighting, hexagon-shaped headlamps, and a sleek-designed handlebar. (Picture from: RideApart)
In a design reminiscent of the iconic Lambretta Series 1, the Elettra seamlessly blends classic charm with modern features. Its LED lighting, hexagon-shaped headlamps, and single-seat layout evoke a timeless aesthetic. Noteworthy innovations include a button-like brake, and the thick, boxy side body design uniquely captures the essence of Lambretta's design language.
The Lambretta Elettra also supported by a 4.6-kilowatt hour lithium battery, which Lambretta says will charge in about five and a half hours using a 220-volt outlet. (Picture from: RideApart)
Underneath its sleek exterior, the Lambretta Elettra boasts a robust 4 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), flexing its muscles with 11 kW of power or an impressive 15 horsepower and 258 Nm of torque. Speed enthusiasts will appreciate its top speed of 110 kilometers per hour.
The Lambretta Elettra has a comfortable, upright riding stance with a single-seat layout evoke a timeless aesthetic. (Picture from: RideApart)
Distinguishing itself in the electric scooter arena, the Lambretta Elettra introduces three distinct driving modes: Eco, Ride, and Sport. The scooter's range extends up to 127 km on a single charge, assuming a leisurely average speed of around 40 km per hour. However, at a more spirited 80 km per hour, the range diminishes to approximately 60 km. Notably, external factors such as wind conditions can influence the overall range.
The Lambretta Elettra powered by a four-kilowatt permament magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), capable of producing 11 kW at peak power. (Picture from: Otomotif.Tempo)
Powering this electric marvel is a 4.6 kWh lithium battery, requiring a 5.5-hour charge time via a standard 220-volt socket. For those in a hurry, a fast-charging option exists, replenishing the battery from 0 to 80 percent in just 36 minutes.
The Lambretta Elettra stands on a pair of 12-inch wheels and use a traditional trailing link suspension up front, coupled with a single shock absorber in the rear above the motor, that connects to the swingarm. (Picture from: Motorplus-Online)
The Lambretta Elettra positions its rider at a comfortable 780 mm seat height, while maintaining a manageable total weight of 135 kilograms. With a design emphasizing a low center of gravity, the electric scooter ensures enhanced maneuverability. Rolling on 12-inch wheels, the Elettra's front suspension adopts a trailing link model, complemented by a rear suspension featuring a top-mounted shock integrated with the swingarm.
The Lambretta Elettra will be easy to repair, as the entire rear section can be accessed by lifting the scooter’s rear bodywork. (Picture from: RideApart)
Noteworthy design ingenuity arises in the Lambretta Elettra's body, which can be effortlessly elevated by pressing a button, revealing the battery underneath. This unique feature showcases the innovative thinking of the Lambretta design team, led by the visionary Lambretta president, Walter Scheffrahn.
Anticipation surrounds the global production and market release of the Lambretta Elettra, yet concrete details regarding pricing and availability remain undisclosed. As the electric revolution in personal mobility gains momentum, the Lambretta Elettra stands poised to make its mark on the electric scooter landscape, offering a fusion of style, performance, and practicality for the urban commuter of tomorrow.

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