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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Affordable Opulence: Decoding the Brutal S1 Supercar Phenomenon

Affordable ONES - Venturing into Slovakia, a country nestled in Eastern Europe, unveils a rich automotive history that once featured the prominence of Tatra, tightly intertwined with its Czech counterparts. While hydrogen-fueled supercars, exemplified by the MATADOR Group's MH2 in 2022, have made waves, our focus today shifts to a conventional-fueled gem. This masterpiece emerged in 2017 from the stables of Brutal Car, a Slovakian startup, and stands out for being touted as one of the most economically accessible supercars in the market.
The Brutal S1 is the first car from Slovakian upstart automaker Brutal, rests upon a tubular-frame chassis, adorned with a body meticulously fashioned from a blend of fiberglass, carbon-fiber, and specially curated 'Airex' foam. (Picture from: CarSales)
Brutal, the startup in question, proudly introduced its Brutal S1 supercar, anticipating an annual delivery of up to six units. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Ariel Atom, the S1, weighing a mere 900kg, is propelled by a robust 221kW (300hp) Subaru STI-sourced 2.0-liter turbo boxer engine. Remarkably, the S1 claims a blistering 0-100km/h acceleration in under 3.9 seconds. Notably, Brutal envisions a trio of variants: the track-oriented R1, the hands-on P1 designed for the DIY enthusiasts, and the S1 itself.
Contrary to the impression given by its gullwing doors, the S1 is not intended to be flashy. (Picture from: FuelsAndLubes)
While the acceleration might not break contemporary supercar speed records, and the prospect of right-hand drive production remains unconfirmed, the founder of Brutal Car, Marian Lušpai, has yet to disclose the exact pricing, though estimates hover around $49,000. What awaits potential buyers, however, is a no-nonsense, mid/rear-engined compact coupe, featuring distinctive roof-hinged gullwing doors and a paint finish crafted by the esteemed German automotive paint specialist Spies Hecker.
The interior of the Brutal S1 showcases a stripped-down design, focusing solely on the essentials, minimalistic approach, coupled with a pre-installed roll cage adds an extra layer of safety. (Picture from: TrendHunter)
A culmination of a decade-long journey, the two-seater S1 rests upon a tubular-frame chassis, adorned with a body meticulously fashioned from a blend of fiberglass, carbon-fiber, and specially curated Airex foam. The sleek wedge-shaped design, a brainchild of Jakub Štarman, who once studied at the Academy of Art and Design in Bratislava and currently lends his talents to Skoda, encapsulates the essence of Brutal's vision.
Weighing in at just 900kg, the Brutal S1 is powered by a robust 221kW (300hp) Subaru STI-sourced 2.0-liter turbo boxer engine. (Picture from: TrendHunter)
Eschewing power steering, power windows, anti-lock brakes, and likely advanced driver safety aids, the S1 stands as a testament to Lušpai's commitment to a pure driving experience. A trained engineer himself, Lušpai acknowledges that the Brutal S1 isn't your run-of-the-mill grocery-getter. It's a racing marvel meticulously engineered for peak performance, sourcing components directly from the world of motor racing, including the brakes and sections of the suspension. Essentially, it's a pedigreed racing car granted the license for conquering public roads.
The Slovakian automaker decide to produce the Brutal S1 only  six units annually, with an estimated price hovering around $49,000. (Picture from: TrendHunter)
Lušpai, reflecting on the S1, shares, “Of course, the Brutal S1 is not a car you would take to the supermarket. It is a racing machine engineered for high performance. That’s its essence. Many of the parts come from motor racing, such as the brakes and sections of the suspension. It is basically a thoroughbred racing car that is licensed for use on public roads."
Acknowledging the heightened interest in the Brutal S1, Lušpai sets a realistic production cap of six vehicles annually, understanding the exclusive appeal and specialized nature of his creation. As Brutal takes its stride in the realm of supercars, the S1 stands as a testament to Slovakian ingenuity and a thrilling proposition for those seeking an uncompromising, high-performance driving experience. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BRUTALCAR | BRATISLAVAMOTORCITY | CARBUZZ | CARSALES | CARRUSHOME | TRENDHUNTER | FUELSANDLUBES ]
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