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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Suzuki Falcorustyco concept bike shown far ahead of its time

Unique ONES We all know that as one of the Japanese big players in the automotive world, especially motorcycles, Suzuki Motor Corporation has a variety of production of motorcycles spread all over the world. All of those production version of the motorcycles are certainly not the result of overnight work that suddenly enters the company's production line, right?
The Suzuki Falcorustyco Concept while on display at the Tokyo Motor Show held in November 1985. (Picture from: SuzukiCyclesorg)
All of those were the result of long works ranging from concept design on the paper up to being realized into a prototype which is then shown and got approval of the relevant company's officials to enter into the production line. Regarding to that, especially the creation of concept motorcycle models had carried out by Suzuki's designers and engineers independently or in collaboration with third parties are of course very numerous and varied.
The 1985 Suzuki Falcorustyco Concept featured with center-hub steering, and powered by a square-four engine. (Picture from: Autoby.jp)
Even some of them (which considered have unique designs) had also discussed by us, such as the Suzuki Nuda Concept, Suzuki Biplane Concept, Suzuki Crosscage Hybrid Motorcycle, and others. So, the unique design concept motorbike that we will discuss today is the Suzuki Falcorustyco (the name derived from Falco Rusticulous, a Latin name for gyrfalcon) concept bike.
The Suzuki Falcorustyco Concept's final drive was not chain, belt or shaft, but some a kind of the hydraulic pumps that transfered the movement energy to both wheels. (Picture from: SuzukiCyclesorg)
This both unique shaped and named motorcycle concept was shown for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 1985, and seem it was not missed by the 1.2 million motorcycle enthusiasts whose visited the expo. Like other futuristic motorcycle concepts, it might look very strange, like something that had come from nowhere outer space, because indeed the public at that time still did not have the insight into the future as imagined by Suzuki. They are still too common to accept such futuristic designs.
The shape of the headlights from the Suzuki Falcorustyco Concept blends with the tank and continues to connect to the seat and stern. (Picture from: MotoRidersUNiverse)
Although the Falcorustyco has the appearance of a high-tech dream bike, the designers actually intend to create a concept bike that is technically feasible for Suzuki to mass produce in the next few years. As you can see, the Falcorustyco had no frame structures like a normal motorbike. It has the front and the rear swing arms were attached to some kind of the 500cc square four engine, but it was not the RG500 Gamma engine. At the time, the maker Suzuki said, it was a new water-cooled four-stroke 16 valves, three camshafts powertrain.
The Suzuki Falcorustyco Concept while on display at the Tokyo Motor Show held in November 1985. (Picture from: MotoRidersUNiverse)
No less unique, the final drive of the Falcorustyco Concept was not chain, belt or shaft, like all the other motorcycles as usual. But, Suzuki chose to use hydraulic drive system to pump and transfered the movement energy to both wheels, so there's no gear box was needed. Not only that, besides hydraulic drive there's another unusal advance features also installed on this motorcycle concept, such as hydraulic hub-steer, and electromagnetic brake systems.
The twin shaft drive was clear to see in the Suzuki's patent drawing which is claimed by the brand was a hydraulic drive. (Picture from: KarDesignKoncepts)
By using such kind of steering system allows the steering and suspension work independently. So that the control process in the corner at high speed is not affected by the weight displacement that occurs in the bike's suspension. This certainly affects more accurate to the Falcorustyco bike's control.
The Suzuki Falcorustyco Concept had no frame structures like a normal motorbike, in which the front and the rear swing arms were directly attached to its engine. (Picture from: SuzukiCyclesorg)
At the time, the motorcycle journalists were convinced, and hope that the Suzuki Falcorustyco Concept would be mass produced in the near future. Sure enough, there's a new falcon named motorcycle model known as the Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa (the Hayabusa is a Japanese word for peregrine falcon) in 1999. 
The Suzuki Falcorustyco Concept featured with unique hydraulic hub-steer system with joystick. (Picture from: Autoby.jp)
The fact, in appearance this new bike was far from what you've seen in the concept above. It looks more like a conventional motorcycle with chain drive, powered by an inline-four two camshafts engine, coupled with conventional brakes and ordinary steering systems.
The legendary Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa which was first released in 1999, and once held the title of the fastest motorcycle in the world. (Picture from: IwanBanaran)
Indeed, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has never officially stated that there is a causality between the Falcorustyco Concept model and the GSX 1300R Hayabusa production version. Even if the Falcorustyco did go into production, what is the price tag of the motorbike? Because you can be sure the price will definitely very expensive. Off course, it was not efficient if Suzuki built it.
The Suzuki Falcorustyco Concept while on display at the Tokyo Motor Show held in November 1985. (Picture from: SuzukiCyclesorg)
Does the motorbike even work and can be ridden? According to the information we got from several Japanese websites, so far the Falcorustyco Concept has never been seen ridden by anyone. That's natural, because indeed it was a motorcycle concept for study designs, it is very likely that Falcorustyco does not have a running engine (only rolling model with dummy engine), so it cannot be ridden. 
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