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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Moto Sapien, a mind-controlled ultra-futuristic motorcycle

Concept ONLY Have you ever imagined what motorcycles will look like in the next 100 years or so? It is like to be time travel to the future which may be very interesting to discuss. Although most likely we will still rely on physical means of transportation, both for pleasure and necessity. In this regard, it turns out that a Canadian motorcycle designer named Anton Brousseau emerges with his very interesting idea of the future motorcycle which described as having an infinite bond between humans and machines.
The Moto Sapien is a mind-controlled ultra-futuristic motorcycle concept designed by Anton Brousseau and represents a direct relationship between the human and machine. (Picture from: RideApart)
It has similarity philosophy to Luigi Colani motorcycle concept. For your info, Anton Brousseau is an experienced motorcycle designer, having previously worked for four years in Kiska, Austria, where various motorcycle models of KTM and Husqvarna were made. Currently, he also lives in Austria, and continues to pursue his passion and love of design.

This time, he introduces to us something even more far-fetched, something that might not even realize in the near future or even in entire of our lifetime. However, it will be interesting to see what those such briliant designer created, as a famous adage tought us that the past ideas greatly influenced what we have today.
The Moto Sapien bike concept name is a pun on Homo Sapiens, and has meaning as a seamless union between human and machine. (Picture from: RideApart)
Apart from design, Anton Brousseau is also interested in anatomy, biomechanics and technology, that's why then he turned his futuristic motorcycle into a tangible idea called the Moto Sapien concept. And those bike concept name is a pun on Homo Sapiens (ancient humans who have similarities with modern ones), and has meaning as a seamless union between human and machine.

The basic concept consists of several different elements. In essence, this motorcycle is able to represent a direct relationship between the human brain and the motorcycle's on-board computer which of course has been equipped with artificial intelligence.

Those kinds of seamless union between man and machine must be combined with the moving parts of a motorcycle, giving the rider the impression that man and machine are one. As quoted of  RideApart's recent article, Anton Brousseau revealed how he developed such a daring motorcycle concept.

“Detours when processing information slow us down. Everything happens indirectly, through the eyes and ears, as well as human motor skills,” said Anton.
The Moto Sapien bike concept name is a pun on Homo Sapiens, and has meaning as a seamless union between human and machine. (Picture from: RideApart)
"Just imagine we can ride a motorcycle directly, in a matter of milliseconds, with our minds," he added.

"Furthermore, imagine if we could feel with tires as smooth as we can with the sense of touch on our fingers," said Anton.

To be honest, in our opinion, it still seems a bit far-fetched. However, in fact technological advances in neural-to-machine interfaces have begun in other domains. The such kinds of technology has been widely used in the medical field, for prostheses or voice control, for example. In addition, nanotechnology and reinforcement carbon have long been used in the development of artificial muscles, limbs, and other body components.
It must be admitted that to realize such this motorcycle concept is difficult and still far away to go, though by using most advanced of current technologies. Maybe it's more realistic to realize Anton Brousseau's futuristic hydrogen-powered motorcycle named Hydra.

Kept spur your adrenaline on the power of the two-wheeled monster and stay alive with true safety riding. May God will forgive Your sins and so does the cops...... *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | RIDEAPART | MSN ]
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